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Sounds of the Old City 2017 – March 2017

Sounds of the Old City is a festival of international music inspired by the Old City quarters which are a focal point of Jerusalem’s culture and tourism. It allows visitors the exposure to the musical traditions found in the Old City of Jerusalem where special melodies both ancient and modern, played on a range of instruments and ensembles, create a collage of beautiful music.

While performing from the wealth of music and culture of Jerusalem, this festival also strengthens the different quarters and religions through the accentuation on the uniqueness of each group and the connection between all. The sounds are varied, rich and connect to the stones, the alleyways and the people in Jerusalem.

The musicians are spread out along a circular path, beginning by Jaffa Gate, moving through the Armenian Quarter, then the Jewish Quarter, then the Muslim Quarter and finishing with the Christian Quarter, bringing you back to Jaffa Gate.

Sounds of the Old City is organized in conjunction with the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Jerusalem Affairs Ministry, the Jerusalem Municipality and Ariel Company.

The 4-day event will be full of concerts, special tours, and shows, but here are some hand-picked happenings you won’t want to miss.

2017 festival events will be updated soon


When: March 28-31 from 7:00-11:00 pm every day
Where: Throughout the Old City of Jerusalem
Admission: Free
More information: phone 106 (local call), http://en.sounds-of-jerusalem.org.il/

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 28-31 March, 19:00 – 23:00

Old City Armenian Quarter

The Armenian Quarter, in the southwest corner of Jerusalem‘s Old City, is the smallest of the four quarters both by area and by population. The modern Armenian Quarter, accessed through the Zion Gate, is made up of churches, schools, residences, and historical landmarks, the heart of which is the St. James Cathedral. Map.

The Armenians have for thousands of years inhabited what is now Turkey, Iran, and the Caucasus Mountains.

Neither ethnically Arab nor Jewish, the Armenians were converted to Christianity soon after Jesus‘s death. Armenians first settled in Jerusalem around 300 CE after making pilgrimage to the city for many years.

Between the fourth and eighth centuries, the Armenian population in the Holy Land grew and several Christian monasteries were built in the Armenian Quarter, and throughout the Holy Land.

The Armenians hung on to their holdings in Jerusalem throughout history as the city has changed hands. The Armenians are known for their beautiful tile and ceramics and many tile shops can be found in the quarter.

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt

Looking for an interactive and fun way to learn about the history of Jerusalem and its many neighborhoods? A Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt is the answer. Play this fun game with your whole family, race against other teams as you solve riddles and clues that take you to your next destination. Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts are available in the Old City, Nachlaot, Tzfat and now Gush Etzion (in jeeps or private cars).

  • Bee Travel
  • Derech HaGefen, Beit Zayit, Israel
  • Website
  • Tel: 972 2-561-9955
  • Map.

Old City Christian Quarter

Occupying the northwest quadrant of the Old City, and the second-largest of its four ancient quarters (Moslem, Christian, Armenian and Jewish), is the Christian Quarter, one of the epicenters of worldwide Christianity. It is the first part of the Old City most visitors to Jerusalem see, as it lies just beyond Yafo Gate, the traditional pilgrim’s entrance to the city. Map.

Old City Christian Quarter
Old City Christian Quarter