Soups in Israel

Because of its variety of people living in Israel, there is also a wide range of different soups available, like the European, American, Asian, African, Arabic soups. And above that, here you can taste soups, which were eaten by the Romans, Canaan and even the soups eaten by the prehistorical people. It’s all here. And then there are those cases, where men prefer to sell their soul to eat certain soups!!

  1. Israeli Love Potion for the Male or Kibbeh soup (10/12/2016) - Every Friday at lunchtime, the Kurdish or Iraqi Jews of Jerusalem disappear from the streets, sneaking off to their mothers and grandmothers to have a dish of what is known as their ''love potion", Kibbeh soup. I was looking for ways to be adopted into such family. Didn't work.
  2. Sell your Soul for Lentil Soup (10/12/2016) - Lentil soup is a popular dish in Israel (and Middle East too), and it has many variations. The recipe always begins with fried onions, but other additions differ from community to community. Israelis of Moroccan descent consider chopped cilantro (coriander) leaves essential. Eastern Europeans often add sausage or smoked meat to their lentil soup. Some Israelis add a little lemon to make it perfect. Others add thin egg noodles, or beet stems to make it green.
  3. Spicy Meatballs or the Albondigas (10/13/2016) - In Ladino or Latino, a fifteenth-century Spanish dialect spoken by Sephardic Jews, Albondigas are small round meatballs spiced with lots of black pepper. Here they are fried and baked together with mashed roasted eggplant puree. But there are uncountable variations with the recipe, the way how it's served on the table and of course it's being used in the soup. For those who love spicy, they love spicy soup as well.
  4. The Only Jewish Chicken Soup with Noodles or stuffed Ravioli (10/12/2016) - Chicken soup in Israel is the typical chicken soup of Eastern European Jews. Its most important characteristic is its aroma. Every Friday morning, often even on Thursday afternoons, homes and streets are filled with the aroma of chicken soup being prepared for the Friday evening Sabbath meal.

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