So many Sauces for your Food in Israel

I personally love sauces (on almost everything), and in Israel you can find many of them. But in these lands you can find sauces for sweet desserts, as for meat, or salads, a sauce for a sauce, or a sauce for the soup. It’s the question of creativity of the chef or who makes the food. And before I forget it, many of those sauces are from a long forgotten history, other sauces are from Arab and Bedouin roots and others are coming from all over the world, only customized.

For those, who are in tour, they can discuss the menu at the first day of the tour and make choices what they want to eat, when and where.

  1. Ancient Pickled Cucumbers Sauce do-it-right (10/12/2016) - My mother tried to prepare the pickled cucumbers all her life and I, the simpleton, got it right the first time I tried. I never figured it out why until my 50th birthday. Well, better late then never. Cucumbers for pickling should be small, young, fresh, firm, and crisp. Pickle them soon after buying (inspect them carefully at the stall or shop), and never pickle cucumbers that have been refrigerated. Pickles are ready to taste four days after being packed into a transparent jar and left under the sun.
  2. Ancient Tahina Sauce or Sesame Seed Sauce (10/12/2016) - Raw tahina is a thick paste made of crushed sesame seeds that is stirred into Hummus. This recipe for Tahina Sauce is a slightly more liquid adaptation of basic tahina paste and is poured over Falafel, shashlik, and Kebab and is as old as 1,500 years in the Holy Land. It was (in those times and still is) also used to accompany chickpea and dried fava bean dishes, as well as other Arab specialties. Tahina Sauce is also part of a traditional meze, served on a dish to be wiped up with warm pita. Tahina Sauce is best if made just prior to serving, but it keeps well in the refrigerator for two to three days (bring to room temperature for at least half an hour before serving).
  3. Chrain, Spicy Horseradish Sauce from the Middle Ages (10/12/2016) - This old sauce was invented in the Middle Ages (Acre) and often used as dressing for meat, like Schnitzels. Like the Roasted Tomato and the Yogurt sauces, this sauce is spicy. Playing with the combination of vinegar and sugar, you cane make it spicier or not. Using lemon juice instead of vinegar will make it less spicy, but the sauce will dominate the taste of the meat.
  4. Labaneh, Sour Yogurt Dressing (10/12/2016) - Labaneh is a yogurt-based sour cheese found in Arab markets throughout Israel. It has become so popular that it can also be found in any Israeli supermarket, but it can easily be made from any good (organic) yogurt. At first I thought it was a type of yogurt when I tasted it. I learned later it was more of a cheese and a bit of yogurt. And this sauce/cheese/yogurt can be used for virtually anything, even on bread or plainly spooning it up (like me).
  5. Pickled Turnips Combinations in and around Israel (10/12/2016) - The freshest turnips are white, with crisp stems. When pickled with the addition of a few slices of beet, they will tum pink.The best place to buy turnips are on the market (early morning!). And with pickled turnips, there are many variations possible (sweet, spicy, bitter, sour and much more).
  6. Roasted Tomato Sauce, more then 10 thousand years old recipe. (10/12/2016) - This sauce is traditionally served with grilled Lamb Kebabs. But you can use this sauce easily with other dishes, like Spaghetti, Macaroni and other pastas, it can be combined with all kind of meats in any way you like. This sauce can also be served in different ways as a sauce with a fine texture or with a more rough texture. Some cooks like to make this sauce more hot by adding peppers, others more sweet. Here is the basic recipe.
  7. Spice Mix for Pickles (10/12/2016) - Mixed pickles are like a box of candy. Once you start tasting, you cannot stop eating until either my mouth bums or the jar is empty. But for those who are experimenting with the spice mix, it's difficult to have a perfect combination for your sandwich, meat, salads and what else you can do with it.
  8. Yogurt Sauce Combinations with Meat and Kebab (10/12/2016) - As with Roasted Tomato Sauce, Yogurt Sauce is traditionally served with grilled Kebabs.But you can use this with any roasted meat as well. It's a wonderful sauce with many possible customizations, like adding cucumbers to the sauce. And when you combine this Yogurt sauce with the Roasted Tomato Source and the Kebab, that combination tastes even better.
  9. Zhoug, Hot Pepper Sauce (10/12/2016) - This fragrant hot pepper sauce was brought to Israel by immigrants from Yemen, who add it to all their dishes. It has become one of Israel's most popular condiments. Zhoug adds heat and spice to Falafel and to Hummus. Zhoug is also spread over fish before cooking and added sparingly to sandwiches made with white cheese, eggs, salami, and/ or avocado.

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