Introduction of the Food from Israel

You can judge a country by its food. That’s so true and it applies to any country in the world. Applying that logic, you can say that Israel is an unbelievable  country, because the food is great! Like the history of the lands of Israel can be traced back to tens of thousands of years ago, so you can trace the food also tens of thousands of years ago. There are recipes, which are as old as Jericho is (10,000 years), or the food, which the people ate before Jericho was even built! For example, 26,000 years ago, there were people living in small communities near the Sea of Galilee!

And like with all those peoples, cultures, civilizations, who left their tracks and placed their stamp on these lands, their food is still being eaten.

Many of the food here, if not all, you can eat in restaurants all over Israel and the Palestinian areas. Click here for information about restaurants. And with food, comes wine and Israel is in the right position to offer you a broad range of different Israel made wines.

If we are talking about the desserts here in Israel, I can fill full libraries with it. And the desserts are of all kinds, coming from different parts of the world and that makes Israel special again.

Click here to see the desserts.

And then we talk about the meat you can eat. Pork is unpopular (but still available at some places and markets) because of the two religions forbidding to eat it, but the rest is fair game and something you can only dream about on vacation. Well, your dreams are coming true and for for sure that’s the case for the tourists visiting Israel.

Click here for the meat recipes.

And did you ever taste the soups here in Israel available? Ancient recipes, thousands of years old and it still is served. Soups, originally from European countries, you still can eat them here. Soups from the Arab world, you still can find it here.

Click here for the soup recipes.

In Israel, it’s often warm and in the summer months it’s even very hot. In the south of the country the weather can be extremely warm at certain months, and what to do about the hot weather? Eat the right food. Salads!

Click here for the salad recipes.

Israel’s western borders with the sea and where is sea, there is fish, not? And within Israel there is the Sea of Galilee and there lives special, unique fish, you can’t find anywhere in the world (Peter’s fish).

And then we have all the other type of food, loads of it you can buy and eat it on the streets and the many markets in Israel.

Click here for all the food recipes. And click here for the Palestinian food recipes.

This website is documenting sights and events for the tourists coming to Israel. And those tourists must eat, not? They will be surprised when they arrive here. And for those who can’t come to Israel on vacation or business, we have the recipes here, so they can try to make it at home.

During our tours, we have an assortment of food for everyone. The problem here is that there is so much and such varieties, and for that reason we always give the menus when the tourists come in Israel and the first day of the tour. We discuss the menus and adopt accordingly.

If we have time in a tour (especially those with more then 10 days), we organize a part of the tour day to rent an restaurant and let everyone cook, with or without chef. Reason for this, because it’s fun and secondly you can learn to cook the Israeli way (or choose ancient recipes from the collection of the many foods available). Or you can eat exactly what the Crusaders once ate or the food what Jesus ate or the food what our Prime Minster is eating many times. And the costs? It’s included in the tour.

Note For the smaller tours (less then 10 days), this is not included in the price of the tour.