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June 2019 – MIDBURN FESTIVAL 2019

Tue 4 June 2019 – Sun 9 June 2019 | All Day
xSde Boker – Sde Boker, Negev, 810 NIS

(Photo credits: Midburn)

Art and Music Festival | 5 Days with Camping | Negev | May – June

Burning Man’s Israeli offshoot, and now the second largest regional Burning Man after Africa Burns, Midburn is a special 5-day festival held in the Negev. Founded in 2014, 2016 saw a record 8,000 people attend. This is not a music festival – there are no official stages – it is more of an art, self expression and community festival where camps host parties – and in the center of the playa are incredible art displays and a huge temple that is burned on the final night.

Self Reliance and Self Expression are key components – be yourself, be inclusive, and be self-dependent – the only thing you can buy on the playa is ice.

Midburn exists in the spirit of 10 principles:

  1. Radical inclusion
  2. Communal effort
  3. Gifting
  4. Civic responsibility
  5. Decommodification
  6. Leaving no trace
  7. Radical self-reliance
  8. Participation
  9. Radical self-expression
  10. Immediacy

Usually around October there is a large Midburn Reunion. You can see all the local Midburn Events in the Secret Tel Aviv Calendar.

Check out the Midburn Facebook Page

Check out 2016’s aftermovie:



Thu 4 April 2019 – Sun 7 April 2019 | 12:00 pm – 11:59 pm
Eilat – Eilat, Eilat,

“Ignition sequence start … 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 …
All engines running.
Liftoff! We have a liftoff !”

The BIG BIRD is coming home!

4-7 APRIL 2019

3 days & 3 nights of quality house & techno music at an exclusive fully equipped resort on the magical shores of the Red Sea – Eilat, where the summer never ends.
Full lineup will be announced soon.


Check Out The Event Page On Facebook


Tue 19 March 2019 | 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Beer Menuha – Beer Menuha, South Israel, From 250 NIS

We have missed you ☺

A colorful tribal gathering of
Spirit ~ Love ~ Healing ~ Dance & Celebration
✿ 18-20/10/2018

Purim was incredible.
We experienced something special and magical together.
And we received such exciting feedback
As well as requests for more magical spaces like this.

So here it comes.
Shambala Desert Celebration!

Tribal, colorful and magical.
A space for play, celebration, freedom and love.
A festival that is a musical journey from all the worlds!
We will let go of everything and fly together (TAZ) into free space.
3 days of celebration in a desert community, 2 stages with amazing music, top DJs, live shows and workshops that open our hearts and consciousness.

✿ The musical journey
We are planning a magical, deep musical journey that will uplift us like never before.
There are 2 dance floors – there will be two sets to choose from most of the time.

✿ Desert Stage
Dance temple in the heart of the desert – there we will be ongoing musical journeys with the best electronic music, live shows, world music and more.

✿ Village Stage
This is a space for amazing music from all over the world, a magical ambient and many movement workshops.

♫ Noa Zulu ~ Savanna ~ Tribal acoustic trance experience – LIVE
♫ Ori Bankhalter
♫ LIVE נתנאל גולדברג – טריו – נהר של אור
♫ Pettra – Ethnic Progressive Trance
♫ Pepa Danza & Ori Yavor ~ LIVE Ecstatic Dance
♫ Light Child Project
♫ Yudan
♫ Yonder
♫ Yair Go-Love
♫ Ammonite
♫ Mark Berkovic – Satipatthana – PsyChill
♫ Ecstatic Dance with Makatu & Light Child
♫ Dj Lila
♫ Dj Spiritito
♫ Sufi Haim ~ מסע נשימה אל תוך הצ’אקרות
♫ 4 Elements TranCeremony ~ DJ GoLove

And more surprises coming soon!

✿ Healing Temple
Supportive space for healing with an amazing team of therapists and healers.

✿ Evolution Space
A space for high quality workshops – self-development, consciousness, movement and manifesting a new world.

✿ Sacred Fire

✿ A nourishing space for touch and water sessions in various modalities – plus a heated pool for water treatments.

✿ The location is perfect for this season. The new location is ‘באר מנוחה’ an event space in wild nature, near פונדק 101 – (the desert will catch your breath). Close to the desert ashram, an amazing location for festivals with everything we need!

✿ We will have the best quality sound system.

✿ Food is vegan – delicious, healthy and at a good price. Sushi, soup, stews, shakes, vegan pizzas, salads, desserts and more.

✿ The celebration is intimate. Up to 500 participants. We anticipate being sold out again this year, we recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as possible!

EARLY BIRDS – 250 NIS – First 100 tickets – SOLD OUT
>>> 280 NIS – 100 tickets – Super early sale
320 NIS – 150 tickets – Early sale
350 NIS – 150 tickets – Regular price

Kids under 12 years old enter for free
Teenagers 13-16 years old – 120 NIS

Check Out The Event Page On Facebook


Thu 7 March 2019 – Fri 9 August 2019 | All Day
xDesert Ashram – Desert Ashram, Shitim, From 350 NIS


The 20th Birthday celebration of the Sacred Journey !!


We are inviting you to experience the magic the 3-day spring Sacred Journey gathering ~ A deep, amazing, breath-taking journey at the wonder-full space of the Desert Ashram. A tribal, heart opening journey, that will expand your consciousness… A journey of freedom, friends, healing, joy, love and great happiness.

This Time ~ We are celebrating the Sacred Journey’s 20th Birthday!!
20 gatherings in which we woke up together ~ To the power of mutual intention ~ To how natural it is for us to feel at home ~ To the magic of the open heart ~ To the simplicity of the encounter with the depth of life


The Journey is all happening in one space, allowing a united & shared process. we are all going through a united pulse, together.

In order to emphasize the communion, There will be NO parallel contents, ONLY ONE THING HAPPENS AT EACH GIVEN MOMENT!

It is an invitation to a journey that connects us to our roots – to the depth of our soul,

to the willingness to be, truly, who I am, and with that understanding – to really meet each other.


The Journey has many faces:
✫ A deep spiritual WORKSHOP
✫ A wild PARTY that never ends
✫ A CEREMONY to celebrate the sacred journey on planet earth
✫ A fun & colorful FESTIVAL, full of magical people

What will be in the Journey? ♥

(((did you catch the video at the top?)))

✫ Deep workshops – opportunities to meet with the various dimensions inside – inspiring healing, freedom, creativity, inner silence and the expansion of consciousness.

Chakra Breathing ❖ Yoga ❖ 4 Elements workshop and more..

✫ Parties in the sacred space and the Village Square
✫ Powerful ceremonies, connecting us to the sanctity of the present moment
✫ more exciting surprises to come!

✫ Vegan Chai Shop & food with friendly prices

✫ A magical KID SPACE – with inspiring activities – kids (until the age 0f 12) enter for free!!

♥ Details ♥
✫ Where?
Desert Ashram – shitim, south of Israel

✫ When?
March 7th-9th – starting Thursday 14:00 and until Saturday afternoon.

✫ The journey is LIMITED to 1000 tickets. It is RECOMMENDED to purchase a ticket before the event (it is usually sold out)

✫✫✫✫✫✫ TICKETS ✫✫✫✫✫✫
For the Celebration there are much more tickets available at the lower prices,
And still we recommend to buy the tickets soon and make sure you are in.
We are sensing that there will be no tickets left at the gates this time as well.

Check Out The Event Page On Facebook