Wonderful Start Up Roots – Grow By Growing

StartUpRoots plants seeds of financial independence, sustainability, health, ​and entrepreneurial spirit in Israeli youth through a holistic approach to food using hydroponic farming and curricula that is rooted in Jewish tradition. ​

StartUpRoots is an incubator for success.  StartUpRoots provides environmental education, promotes health through lessons in culinary arts and nutrition,   empowers youth with hands-on  entrepreneurial activities, and raises awareness of social responsibility by providing opportunities  to learn and apply Jewish values through sustainable practices. 

Advantages of Hydroponic Farming:

  • It uses only 1/10th of water compared to traditional, soil-based, gardening.
  • A wide variety of plants can be grown 
  • In a controlled environment, crops can be grown all year round.
  • Crops grow  faster and many more crops can be grown in the same amount of space
  • Hydroponic farming can be bug-free, as well chemical-pesticide free as such, plants are healthier and have better nutritional value.
  • Labor is significantly reduced and upkeep is minor
  • It requires significantly less space in comparison to soil-based gardens, as plants with small roots can be grown closer to each other

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