Ein Avdat National Park in Israel – Amazing place to visit

Ein Avdat or Ein Ovdat is a canyon in the Negev Desert of Israel, south of Kibbutz Sde Boker. Archaeological evidence shows that Ein Avdat was inhabited by Nabateans and Catholic monks.

Water flowing from the En Avdat (the Avdat spring) in the heart of the Negev has cut a deep, narrow canyon through the soft white chalk. A waterfall tumbles from above and greenery flourishes around its pools where ibex and other animals come to quench their thirst.

Maps of Dead Sea and Negev. Look at number 12 on the map.

Euphrates poplars, common to oases and known for their variegated leaves, also grow in the stream bed. The trail through the park, which was designed so as not to damage the landscape, passes caves that were inhabited by monks during the Byzantine period.

To complete the whole trail, from the lower entrance to the upper entrance, hikers must climb iron rungs in the rock wall. An easier option is to walk along the stream bed from the lower entrance to the En Ma‘arif pools at the foot of the waterfall, return along the same path, and drive to the upper parking lot.

If you visit this park by yourself and not as part of our tour(s), then the park sells a one-day ticket good for both the upper and lower entrances. Also available is a combination ticket for En Avdat National Park and Avdat National Park (site of the former Nabatean city). The prices are for Adult: NIS 29; child: NIS 15 Israeli senior citizen: 50% discount Student : NIS 25. For groups (over 30 people): Adult: NIS 23: child NIS 14 Combination ticket Avdat + En Avdat: Adult NIS 46; child NIS 24

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