June 2020 – TLVFest 2020

TLVFest 2020

Fri 5 June 2020 | All Day
Cinemateque – Shprintsak Street 2, Tel Aviv

* Dates for 2020 to be confirmed *

The 14th International Gay Film Festival – TLVFest # 14

Here it happens! The gay film festival returns to another ten days of proud cinema from around the world, guests and guests, drag queens, and parties. We thank our amazing audience that comes year after year to watch the proud and exciting work! 

** Event is updated, every day we will write to you. Here is what we will be reading today, with whom workshops will be held and which party will close the night ** 

What do we have this year? 
Premieres of Israeli films and major international films.  Movie files, gay, lesbian, trans *, queer animation and documentaries with distinguished guests think that the world we pass film workshops, Tom Fitzgerald (hanging garden), Madeleine Aonlk (Wild Nights with Emily) and many many others.

The legendary drag queens Sherry Wayne and Jackie Bitt will perform with the Cross Line in a hysterical show at 7.6 in Bascola. In conjunction with The Walk the movie stars of the Cookie Boys will present three films and more surprises that are just waiting for you.

See you there!

Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Here’s a unique opportunity to dive in to the LGBT community, with great films and shows meant to raise awareness for the gay community. TLVFest usually coincides with Pride Week, and is a celebration of all LGBT films and documentaries from around the world! There are also smaller events throughout the year.

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