September 2019 – MIRI Into The Desert – Rosh Ha’Shana

MIRI Into The Desert – Rosh Ha’Shana

Mon 30 September 2019 – Tue 1 October 2019 | 5:00 pm
Ein Yahav – South Israel, price 230 NIS.

We we’re missed, we were excited, waiting, expecting, and here it is – if our previous event was a sign of building tradition, the upcoming event is a sign of a circle saying circles are finally closing, and we certainly find it a lot of logic that our way into the magical rehab is We started, how not, on the previous year.

The connection was instant, the energies were connected from the first moment, and we felt like this amazing place and the mirrors were just meant for each other.
The quiet, the surrounding atmosphere, the desert scenery all around made us realize that this is exactly what we love and need.
So over the past year we have already managed to do three events at Camel Khan, and each event for us was a leap in itself.

And this time? This time the direction will be the same, and more than that.
As you already understand, we at Miri do not compromise on the quality of music, hospitality, sound, décor, everything we have designed and built so that you, our dedicated and loving audience, will come and get the ultimate experience you will never forget.

And if there is satisfaction that is tremendous to us, it is to see you respect us as a production. Respect for nature, the khan we are hosting, the artists who come to play for us, and everyone around you. This time, too, as always, we will keep the cleanliness, we honor those around us, we will maintain a loving and safe personal space, a caressing and pleasant space, so that we all will experience the amazing experience we have gathered for.

And as a habit, and as a rule to close such a circle and to celebrate a holiday like New Year, we feel that we have really outdone ourselves in terms of musical content. We’ve already played great, talented, amazing artists with us, but this time? This time we were able to surprise ourselves too.

All this so that you come to dance, break free, smile, enjoy, and experience a musical and spiritual journey that will activate every muscle in your body, and every part of the soul you can also enjoy 2 broad, spread out a wide range of musical styles throughout the event .


  • BURN IN NOISE (Brazil) |Nano Records
  • CAPTAIN HOOK |Iboga Records
  • OFORIA |MDMA Music I
  • MAGINE MARCH |Sacred Technology
  • NOFACE |Sacred Technology
  • SYMBOLICO |Merkaba Music
  • NADI |Domo Records
  • VENOM |Future Music Records
  • R-GAZ |Miri In The Desert
  • DIANA UP |Special 2.5 hours set
  • Special Tribal Set
  • VENUX |Miri Family
  • BALADI |Miri In The Desert –
  • GANA-EDEN |Miri In The Desert
  • TALK FORTUS ULI KHALISYO |Pashtoota \ Fusion Culture
  • STULIP |Fusion Culture
  • BUN BUN |Ahava Records
  • ABSALON |MIri Family
  • Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

And now you have a little bit of administration to help you understand exactly what world we’re going to build for you.

  • The event will take place as stated in Hamel Hameliya, two hours ‘drive south of Tel Aviv, all of which will be for the guests’ convenience only
  • Duration of the event 24 hours, opening of the gates on Monday, (30.9) at 17:00, the day after New Year’s Eve, and until 17:00 on the following day (Tuesday, 1.10)
  • Tickets will be sold through an early purchase at Link
  • – In the Khan area you will find neat toilets and showers for your convenience, seating areas, and chill corners with sofas and hammocks
  • – There is a possibility to rent tents for accommodation of different sizes and at a nominal price, this can be done by contacting one of our production staff or our page
  • – In the Khan area you will find a large and extensive camping area, of course you can bring tents and any camping equipment you want
  • – There you will find various stalls, and of course food stalls with special dishes cooked in the Khan kitchen
  • – Helpers who would like to assist us before, during, and after the event are welcome to contact us in a private message
  • – In the upcoming event, a safety team will also be with us to help anyone who needs it if necessary, feel free to help out with this wonderful group of people Sound quality has also always been something we do not compromise on Miri, and this time also enjoyed the Puncture One system In terms of decor, your imagination can work overtime, we have a feeling that we will not be far from it Before concluding, a few rules we would like to respect so that we can ideally enjoy the place that hosts us wholeheartedly, and of course to honor those around us and return home safely.
  • – The event is an approved event and regulated by all relevant parties – Do not bring sharp tools, drugs, cans, glass bottles, and gases into the Khan area
  • – Do not set fire to Khan territory
  • – Animals should not be brought into the Khan’s territory
  • – Entry to the event is 21 years of age or older and is presented with ID only – The number of tickets for the event is limited to 500 participants according to the Khan’s credentials
  • – The tickets can only be purchased on the link from the event or through one of the production staff
  • – In case of cancellation or transfer of ticket you can contact one of the production personnel.

And again, one more personal request from the converts to you, our dear audience We really really like nature, not as a cliché or to like someone, so let’s keep it clean, respect the Khan who hosts us and throw the garbage in the trash It is friends, all that remains is to prepare for an exciting and sweeping experience, a tremendous energetic and tribal experience

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