October 2019 – Myco Music Festival

Myco Music Festival

Thu 17 October 2019 – Sat 19 October 2019 | 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

MYCO MUSIC is the first Mycophobia’s festival for orginal global music

For three days, an intimate music village will be set up, all with high quality musical content:

Performances, live shows, DJ sets , melodies, Jam sessions , artists workshops, lectures, music concerts, sound healing and many other musical content.

Myco Music ( MY:MU )  is the name of the festival and also the name of the new label to be released these days

After almost 8 years of wandering the music world, Mycophobia decided it was time to set up a music label to contain all the wonderful musicians in our community,

MY: MU’s vision is to provide a platform for creative artists and producers, to help them progress and develop in the music world, to reach stages  in Israel and around the world, to strengthen music relationships with productions, colleagues and audiences.

 Most importantly – distribute good music in the world.

The label will wrap and embrace musicians of all kinds of styles and genres on the broad spectrum between organic (live musical instruments) and electronic, all emphasizing quality original work.

And some more about the festival:

50 hours of non-stop music

2 stages ( Organic with live music and electronic )

Music workshops space (lectures, music studies, master classes, etc )
Chillout zone –  Chai shop and vegeterian Cusin, Bar, A beach with a lifeguard and eggplant.

Camping area on the banks of the Sea of Galilee (toilets, showers, fresh drinking water)

And lots of space for dance, disgrace, and spiritual musical therapy.

**  MY:MU Festival is an intimate event for 500 members only ***


Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

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