Take a Tour Boat out into the Red Sea

For a boat trip out into the magical Red Sea, head to Eilat Marina (at the Eastern end of Eilat), which hosts a few glass-bottomed boats for tourists wanting to check out the Red Sea up close and personal. And you don’t even have to get your feet wet! Map.

These trips usually last for around two hours, and you’ll be taken along the coast towards Egypt. You can chill out on deck, catching some sun and some amazing views across Eilat and Jordan, or watch the ocean and coral reefs, complete with shoals of amazingly-colored fish, passing below the boat.

Some boats even stop off and let you snorkel in the beautifully refreshing Red Sea. Perfect way for families and especially kids to enjoy Eilat’s amazing coral reef. Prices range wildly due to the types of cruise available, but check your hotel/hostel for the latest deals. Or just “window-shop” at the Marina until you find the right boat for you.


  1. The best experience in my opinion of all the groups I brought here, is the boat tour with a sailing ship.
    A tip for those who are considering a trip with one of those boats. Tip the captain before the tour starts! The quality and fun of the trip will increase considerably.


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