September 2019 – Anonymous X Vertigo @ Secret Roof Top

Anonymous X Vertigo @ Secret Roof Top

Sat 7 September 2019 | 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Location – TBA – tel aviv, Tel Aviv,

The best things happen to us when we allow ourselves to climb the tallest there is …

It’s time –
on September 7, Anonymous x Vertigo is re-joining forces and this time going high for an Op-Air party on a secret downtown rooftop!

Before the holiday frenzy begins, while the summer is still here and filled with exciting promises, we return to bring you all the good in the local sector and
also to celebrate a birthday to a very dear Vertigo man – Uri Cohen!

As usual, we took care of a pampering and dizzying lineup:

the first lady’s endless energy and talent – Ella Gutman. The techno goddess, the Queen of the Reeves, the one who has been making this school a school for years, it’s time to get more out of it.
The Star Quality and the insane abilities of Sean Doron, you know we never give up on his set at our parties and you also know exactly why.
We also added to Noya’s magic and talent touch and endless fun with Ben Greeting – and that’s it, you can get excited.

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