The Old city of Acre is one of the fascinating old cities in Israel. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rich in history, spanning from the Greek periods, this ancient city has fascinating points of interest as well as a charming location along the sea. Old city map. Map.


Acre is well known as one of the main Crusaders cities. Acre or Akko was inhabited from the Bronze age to the Roman period in a tell (mound) east of the old city, on the north bank of the Na’aman river. It was abandoned at the Hellenistic/Roman period.

Akko portThe Romans built a breakwater and expanded the harbor at the present location of the harbor. At the Arab period the old city was built at the present location, later fortified by the Crusaders. Acre was mentioned as “Aak” of the tribute-lists of Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III at 16TH C BC.AERIAL VIEW OF ACRE



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