Mary’s Spring at Ein Kerem

The spring is named after Mary, Jesus’ mother, who came here to visit Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, at the time when they were pregnant. It is believed that Mary stopped to drink water from this spring during her visit. Map.

Mary's Spring at Ein Kerem
Mary’s Spring at Ein Kerem

Mary’s Spring is located in a valley on the southern side of the village of Ein Kerem, west of Jerusalem City, approximately 8 kilometers form the center of the city.

Mary's Spring at Ein Kerem
Mary’s Spring at Ein Kerem

Originally, Ein Kerem in Jerusalem was the nucleus of the Canaanite city during the Bronze period and the spring was used as the main source of water for thousands of years to the residents of the people of Ein Kerem. Even the name of the village, Ein Kerem, was named after this spring.

During the second temple period, a 30 meter rock carved tunnel was constructed so as to increase the capacity of the spring as a result of the greater need for water by the residents.

Mary's Spring at Ein Kerem
Mary’s Spring at Ein Kerem

The Mary’s Spring is considered very Holy by the Christians, not only from Jerusalem but also from all over the world. Even the pilgrims who visited the spring could tap these waters into bottles to take them home as holy souvenirs.

There is also a tower of the mosque that has been built over the structure of Mary’s spring. This tower has remained spectacular and has an exclusive view within the City of Jerusalem. The structure was used as a mosque and a school during the 19th century.

Mary's Spring at Ein Kerem
Mary’s Spring at Ein Kerem

The Church of the Visitation where the Mary’s Spring – Ein Kerem in Jerusalem is located was built in the year 1955. This church was designed by Antonio Barluzzi; an Italian architect who also designed several other churches in the Holy Land during the 20th century.

Mary’s Spring was renovated by Baron Edmond de Rothschild and has remained a tourist destination for people from all parts of the world.

This Church of Visitation is an ideal place for the reflection on the promise of motherhood and the intervention of the Holy Spirit. By visiting the Mary’s Spring at the Church of Visitation, you will have visited a place where Mary, the mother of Jesus stopped to quench her thirst on her way to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was pregnant by then.

The Mary’s Spring has remained exclusive and receives Christians from Jerusalem and the world as a whole. However, the water from Mary’s Spring has been polluted and is not being used today. But people still visit the spring due to the Christian tradition it holds and the cool environment and other natural features, including rocks, it has.

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