24 Clean Beaches In Israel

If you’re out there wondering if any of Israel’s gorgeous beaches are environmentally friendly, wonder no more! 21 beaches – and 3 marinas – in Israel have recently been awarded the Blue Flag by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for environmental excellence! So, yes, you can swim, surf, and frolic knowing you’re in safe, environmentally clean hands!

The best way to locate these maps on the map is by clicking on the Map hyper link after the name of the beach. You can exactly see where they are.

Sea of Galilee

  1. Hukuk beach (the Green Beach). Map


  1. Dado beach. Map


  1. Sanz. Map
  2. Onot. Map
  3. Amphi. Map
  4. Herzl. Map
  5. Sironit North. Map
  6. Sironit South. Map
  7. Lagoon-Argaman. Map
  8. Poleg beaches. Map

Tel Aviv

  1. Metzizim. Map
  2. Jerusalem beaches. Map

Rishon Letzion

  1. HaKachol beach. Map


  1. Mei Ami. Map
  2. Oranim. Map
  3. Lido. Map
  4. Kshatot. Map
  5. Yod Alef. Map
  6. Riveria. Map


  1. Hash’hafim. Map
  2. North West beaches. Map


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