18 Zoos in Israel

Here you can find a collection of 18 zoos in Israel. Behind each zoo you see a telephone number you must use before you are going to visit the zoo.

  1. Alligator Park    Hamat Gader    04-6659999
  2. Antelope Ranch    Arava    052-3666041
  3. Barvazim Bakfar (ducks)    Kfar Baruch    04-6540882
  4. Biblical Zoo    Jerusalem    02-6750111
  5. Bird and reptile Park    Tel Aviv    03-6422888
  6. Deer Land    Alon Shvut    02-5709768
  7. Dolphin Reef    Eilat    08-6300111
  8. Dvorat HaTavor, The land of silk and honey    Shadmot Dvora    04-6769598
  9. Educational Zoo    Haifa    04-8372390
  10. Gan-Garoo Australian Park    Kibbutz Nir David    04-6488060
  11. Hai Park    Kiryat Motzkin    04-8747448
  12. Israel Insect Farm    Kidron    057-7724696
  13. Monkey Park    Ben Shemen    08-9285888
  14. Parrot Farm    Kfar Hess    09-7961957
  15. Safari Zoological Center    Ramat-Gan    03-6313531
  16. Underwater Observatory Marine Park    Eilat    08-6364200
  17. Yellow Green Farm    Bitan Aaron    09-8669555
  18. Zoological Research Garden    Tel Aviv    03-6405148

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