Ice-creams in Tel Aviv


Ice Cream – Shabazi 40, Neve Tzedek; Frozen Yogurt – Shabazi 44, Neve Tzedek

If you are looking for a lively atmosphere this place has got it! Usually packed on the weekends, it has very good ice cream, including hard to find flavors like my favorite, mint chocolate chip! They also make delicious frozen yogurt, and have lovely tables outside in the best area of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek

Arte Glideria – Authentic Italian Ice Cream

Nachalat Byniamin 11 , Tel Aviv


Arte has very authentic Italian ice cream made by Italian chefs.  They make Natural Gelato with only natural ingredients and the result is out of this world! The old style cream tastes just like in Italy! Every night is a great night to go, but Thursday is especially good as they have live jazz. They also have vegan options. 

Otello Gelato – Chocolate Lovers

Dizengoff 165 and Herzl 18

Otello Gelato specializes in Handmade Italian Ice-cream and chocolate. Their moto “80% ice-cream 20 chocolate%” pretty much sums them up. They provide a huge selection of ice cream flavors, along with an assortment of chocolates, all at a decent price. 

Golda Flavor Boutique – Classic Cone

Mikve Israel 18

Since 2002, Golda has been the go-to Ice Cream shop for the whole family. Scooping up over 30 branches across Israel, its pretty obvious why Golda is so successful..they have delicious ice cream. Hand made, and with plenty of flavors to choose from, now with new vegan options, Golda is a must try. 

Gelateria Siciliana – Taste of Sunshine

Dizengoff 170

Since 1999, Siciliana has been serving Tel Avivians, fresh handmade ice cream. Their Ice cream is made on a daily basis, offering milk and soy based options, for everyone to enjoy. Famous for their flavors and desserts, Siciliana also has a great atmosphere.  Step into their 1950’s-esque parlor shop or sit outside, Siciliana brings an enjoyable vintage vibe. 

Buza – Simply Ice Cream

HaHashmonaim St 91

From the Sea of Galelee to the Big City, Buza uses the finest raw materials, behind a glass window to create classic handmade ice cream.  Owned and operated by a Jewish-Arabic partnership, Buza is the first Israeli business to win a UN prize, bringing a sweet coexistence to the Middle East.  

Tamara Yogurt – Best Frozen Yogurt

Ben Yehuda 96 and Rothschild 19

Screenshot 2016-06-23 03.13.33

Part of the super healthy, super delicious Tamara group of frozen yogurt shops and fruit juice stands. This Ben Yehuda frozen yogurt shop is a Tel Aviv institution, serving heavenly frozen yogurt with oozings of sauces and toppings – I like chocolate with chocolate, but they have great fruit options also. They even have swings inside the shop to bring back you back to your childhood. 

Vaniglia – Fan Favorite

Yermiyahu 23 and Eshtori Ha-Parkhi 22


Vaniglia has quite a few branches in Tel Aviv to choose from, and is definitely one of the best ice cream places. They have as many as 45 flavors to indulge yourself, my favorites are chocolate orange and vanilla ginger. 

Gelato Factory – Best in Sarona

Sarona Food Market

Screenshot 2016-06-23 02.28.05

My secret pleasure in Sarona Food Market, and one of the best ice creams in Tel Aviv. The shop has a unique vintage-looking fully-fuctioning ice cream making machine on the wall, and their ice cream is delish! They also serve vegan ice cream, frozen yogurt and several ice cream deserts! Worth saving a bit of space for when in having a meal in Sarona. 

Iceberg – All Natural

Ibn Gabirol 24 and Rothschild 31


Iceberg has branches all across Tel Aviv, and also a few outside Tel Aviv. They are one of the oldest ice cream chains in the country, and make ‘100% low tech Ice Cream’, using only natural and raw locally sourced ingredients. They have a great selection of flavors, and I like to try something new every time I go. I recommend black forest (cherry and chocolate ) and salty caramel with caramel bites inside! 

Source: Secret Tel Aviv

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