Are you coming to Israel? Read this first!

City of David

Before leaving home, or even before planning your trip, consider this …

When you plan to come to Israel, here are some golden tips, which might very likely save you some $$$$. And it also might save you time, misery and have a vacation, you’ll never forget, the best ever. And it’s also the way to use the resources of this site.

Be informed about this country. Why? It’s a country, which is foremost in the news about all kind of issues, cultural, political, militarily, economical, religion, etc. And it’s worthwhile.

  1. Israel at a glance. Many tourists asked me where they suppose to go! Well, here is your oversight depending on your intentions and preferences. Some people love historical sights, others like religions, cultures, hiking, family, cities, beaches, deserts, jungles, mountains, lakes, food, music, concerts, classical music, dancing, skying, skating, diving, gaming, art and much more. If that is so, Israel is your excellent destination.
  2. If you plan to come with children, read this first too … and before you plan or book anything! Because with children on your trip, small, medium or big children, it’s a blessing and curse to travel with them in Israel. To make it a bless, read this.
  3. And finally read this page about the brief all-in history of Israel from an objective kind point of view. This article is not written from the point of view of a Jew, Arab or Christian, but the actual historical facts, covering more then 17,000 years. FYI, the first traces of civilization in the lands of Israel started 34,000 years ago; you find them near the Sea of Galilee.

Taking a group tour or not.

Day Tours

There are actually two ways to spend your vacation in Israel as a tourist:

  1. You get yourself a tour and enjoy that.
  2. You go to Israel without any tour; the art of the deal is that you plan it carefully yourself with or without a guide.

It also depends on your budget and choosing a tour is a way to see Israel the tourist-traditional-way. You don’t see the real stuff, only the tourist traps (=A tourist trap is an establishment that has been created or re-purposed with the aim of attracting tourists and their money). But it’s safe, you see the important (tourist trapped) sights and if that’s alright with you, please do it. But how do you order a group tour?

  • Depending on the size of your group (2-4 people for example), you can join a fixed planned tour with a static start date. You can find them plenty in the Internet.
  • You can contact a tour operator (and own your group) and choose one of their tours if your group is large enough. The start date and times are defined by you and not the tour operator.
  • Or you ‘steal’ the itinerary from sites like this and adapt it to your needs. You’re in the Internet and you can use the same medium to lookup the hotels and the like and make reservations before yourself.

As a tip for finding hotels and their prices, do the following:

  1. Use a site like to find a perfect match for you.
  2. When you’ve found your match, go to the website of the actual hotel and get contact information (phone, fax or better, email) and start negotiating for the price.
    1. Be aware, that the prices of the hotels are 15% higher in booking sites on the Internet as they really are. That’s the fee the hotels pay to the booking websites if someone orders a room with the help of the booking sites.

And finally, how to create your own itinerary?

Day Tours

Another way to do it is simply contacting me with your request of an itinerary and I might ask you some questions and I generate a good itinerary for free.

About hiring me, I’m not interested. But if you want a very special tour created for you, I’m interested.

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