Abraham Path hiking

The Abraham Path in the Negev currently crosses the northern section of the desert from west to east starting at the city of Beer Sheva, today the ‘capital of the Negev’ and largest city in the south of the country, but known as the place of Abraham’s Well which, according to the Book of Genesis, was dug by Abraham when he entered the city.

The Negev section of the Abraham Path is currently split into seven stages. It’s the first stage or the final two stages which are perhaps the most interesting for those looking for a one or two day hike, although the entire hike, which would take up to 7 days, covers some of Israel’s most spectacular landscapes, and diverse communities. Once developed, the trail will continue south along the Dead Sea, through Sodom and beyond.

Stage 1 – Beer Sheva to Lakiya. Lakiya is a Bedouin village unique in the fact that women lead the development of their community. Recommended as a one day hike.
Stage 2 – Lakiya to Meitar.
Stage 3 – Meitar to Har Amasa. Passing through the Yatir Forest, this forest was fully planted in the last 100 years
Stage 4 – Har Amasa to Tel Arad. Tel Arad is a site important in the creation of modern religion
Stage 5 – Tel Arad to Arad.
Stage 6 – Arad to Kfar Hanokdim. Descending towards the Dead Sea, the day ends at a unique touristic Bedouin village
Stage 7 – Kfar Hanokdim to Masada, Dead Sea. End at the magnificent Masada Fortress, beside the Dead Sea.

Click here for the map.

Abraham Path, Israel 2 Abraham Path, Israel 3 Abraham Path, Israel abraham-path-david-landis-64

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