Kfar Cana Day Tour

This is a tour, which is offered to you as it is. It’s or it can be used as a template for your own itinerary or planned tour without money. You can chance what you want or you can take it as it is.

About 8 km northeast of central Nazareth on the road to Tiberias (and on the Jesus Trail), the Arab town of Kafr Kana (Cana) is believed to be the site of Jesus’s first miracle (John 2:1-11), when he changed water into wine at a wedding reception. About 10% of the population is Christian.This is a day tour, especially when you want to renew your wedding vows. Map.

Kfar Kana
Kfar Kana

Most of Kafr Kana’s Christian sights are on or near stone-paved Churches St, which intersects the main road through town (Rte 754) at an oblique angle, at a point just north of a special parking lane on the eastern side of the street. The intersection is marked by a large white-on-black sign.

Kfar Kana
Kfar Kana

Cana Catholic Wedding Church (Churches St; h8am-5.30pm Mon-Sat, noon-5.30pm Sun)
This late-19th-century, green-domed Franciscan church stands on the site believed by Catholics to be that of Jesus’s wedding miracle. In the basement is an ancient jar that may have been among the six used by Jesus when he turned water into wine. Under the church floor, through a glass tile, you can see an ancient Jewish inscription in Aramaic.

Cana Greek Orthodox Wedding Church (First Miracle Church; Rte 754; h9am-5pm)
This richly decorated, late-19th-century church – topped by a copper-brown dome – shelters two ancient jars believed to have been used by Jesus to perform the  wedding miracle. Visitors are welcome to come and see the church scout troop’s drum and bagpipe band practice on Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 7pm.

Renewal of your wedding vows

Wedding Vows renewal
Wedding Vows renewal

For those under you who want or plan to renew your wedding vows, it’s of course possible. You must call for an appointment, but the best way to do and arrange that is by the Cana Guest House (see below). For additional services, like wedding cake, gifts, dinner, party, talk with Su’ad of the Cana Guest House.


Cana Guest House (04-651 7186, Su’ad 052-409 8001; http://www.canaguesthouse.com; dm/d/tr/q without breakfast 120/300/430/500NIS)
The welcoming Billan family has turned four apartments into 18 comfortable, clean rooms, many quite spacious, some with private bathroom. Guests can use the kitchen and hang out in the lemontree-shaded courtyard. Dorms have three or four beds. Breakfast costs 35NIS, a packed lunch 35NIS and a hearty, home-cooked dinner 70NIS. Situated behind the Cana Catholic Wedding Church B&B compound.cana-wedding-guest-house-7 costume_cana


Lots of short-haul buses, including 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31, connect Kafr Kana with Nazareth, 8km to the southwest; most buses go to Paulus VI St in Nazareth’s Old City. A sherut to/from Nazareth’s Paulus VI St costs 8NIS. Nazareth Tourism & Transport’s bus 431 (hourly except Friday evening and Saturday) links Kafr Kana with both Tiberias (19NIS, 30 minutes) and Nazareth (8.80NIS, 20 minutes); most, but not all, stop on Paulus VI St.

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