Etrog Jam

Etrogs are citrus-like plants with a large, thick-skinned lemony fruit. They are one of the four species traditionally used during the fall harvest festival of Succot (palm, myrtle, and willow are the other three). Many people make etrog Jam once the festival is over. For the guests in hotels, some of the hotels are indeed serving etrog jams for breakfast. But the best jam is the ones we make (or is made for us).

Etrog Jam
Etrog Jam

  • 4 lb (2 kg) etrogs
  • Juice of I large lemon
  • 7 ½ cups ( 1.5 kg) sugar

  1. Grate the etrog peel.
  2. Cut the fruit into wedges, remove its thick pithy core and seeds, and cut into small triangular or oblong strips.
  3. To make the etrog less acid, scald it in boiling water before soaking the pieces with the sugar.
  4. Put the ingredients into a large pan, cover with sugar and lemon juice, and allow to stand overnight.
  5. The next day, place the pan over a medium heat until it boils, lower the heat, and cook until the sugar totally dissolves.
  6. Increase the heat again and continue to cook until both the fruit and the syrup are yellow and completely transparent.
  7. Transfer immediately to sterilized, dry jars; wait 10 minutes; then close hermetically.
Etrog Jam
Etrog Jam

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