Virtual Guide

Virtual Guide for our Tours

For all of our tours, we supply a Virtual Guide. A virtual guide is a tablet computer, which contains the information about your complete tour, filled with relevant information, maps, additional mini-tours, your hotel, restaurants, detailed information about sights, history, economy and other relevant information.

Virtual Guide Tablet Computer
Virtual Guide Tablet Computer, 10″

The price for the virtual guide is $200 and you get the tablet computer and information in your possession. The virtual guide can be supplied in 30 languages. The virtual guide runs on a supplied 10″ tablet computer and it communicates by WiFi; it runs on electricity and batter (3-4 hour battery). For an additional $50, we can supply you with a double battery.

The virtual guide is not a replacement of a guide and can’t be. A guide is much more then a simple knowledge base, he or she has much more duties then that. But a virtual guide is like a replacement for the tourist guide book, except totally customized to you and your tour.

Each virtual guide is unique, because it will be customized according your itinerary and filled with relevant and detailed information in the language of your choice. With the build-in speech engine, the virtual guide can also speak and in a limited form understand spoken commands. It has also a built in GPS function, but be aware, that many locations in Israel (especially in the deserts), there is no GPS or has any WiFi stations.

For any information, contact us.

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