Rock, Jazz and Blues in Israel

Local rock bands of variable quality perform most nights at Camelot and Ha-Bima Club, and also at Mike’s Place, which is a foreigner-friendly bar down on the seafront. Benchmark is a relative newcomer featuring live music in the bar-saturated area of Nakhalat Binyamin.

For hardcore fans who are prepared to travel, Barbie mixes Israeli rock with Russian hard rock. Cafe Henrietta, Coffee House and Green Racoon, all of which are in  central Tel Aviv, all feature jazz at least one night a week.

  1. Clubbing in Tel Aviv (9/5/2016) - The Tel Aviv club scene is comparable to those in most European capitals. Top international (and local) DJs regularly perform in Tel Aviv, with clubs constantly vying to outdo each other with ever more extravagant parties. Be aware, Clubbing in Tel Aviv is popular, busy and exciting.
  2. Jerusalem Jazz Festival December 2019 – Jerusalem Jazz Festival (9/7/2019) - The Jerusalem Jazz Festival, under the artistic direction of the international trumpeter Avishai Cohen, will be held for the fourth time in December 2018. International and Israeli jazz artists and one-time combinations will fill the galleries of the Israel Museum with spectacular performances
  3. Eilat’s Isrotel Theater (8/15/2016) - Eilat's Isrotel Theater is a magnificent theater that hosts performances every evening. The Isrotel Theater hosts the famous and spectacular show - WOW that combines acrobatics, dancers and artists from around the world. WOW created by the famous Israeli artist Hanoch Rosen, and is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Eilat, you simply should not miss it.
  4. Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2016 Entertainment in Israel (9/28/2016) - Many say that there is not enough entertainment in Israel. Is that so? Israel has its theaters, concert halls and cinematheque in Jerusalem (high culture), but in Tel Aviv are the bigger entertainment centers (popular culture). In Jerusalem they pray, in Haifa they work, in Tel Aviv they play. In this article I describe entertainment in Israel and where to find it.
  5. ANOMALIE LIVE - FULL BAND LL 26.2 LL BARBY February 2019 – ANOMALIE (LIVE / FULL BAND) LL 26.2 LL BARBY (2/13/2019) - Tue 26 February 2019 | 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm Barby – Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv, 135 NIS The electronic jazz prodigy “Anomaly” comes for one performance at Barby! Anomaly is the jazz / punk project of producer and keyboard player from Montreal Canada – Nicholas Dopius. Nicholas is only 22, but 17 years ofContinue reading "February 2019 – ANOMALIE (LIVE / FULL BAND) LL 26.2 LL BARBY"
  6. MANOWAR 2019 FINAL BATTLE TOUR February 2019 – MANOWAR 2019 FINAL BATTLE TOUR (2/13/2019) - The veteran American heavy rock band Manowar, one of the most recognized and important in the genre, has announced that it will arrive in Israel for one concert on February 25, 2019 at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv. 
  7. VALENTINE&BLUES REBELS @ ARTHALL TLV February 2019 – VALENTINE&BLUES REBELS @ ARTHALL TLV (2/11/2019) - Legendary Blues-Rock Band The Blues Rebels That Have Performed With Some Of The Greatest Blues Stars In The World .Rocking&Romancing The Blues On Valentine At Art Hall Tlv
  8. Funk, Groove, Indie, Hip Hop, House, Rapper, Rock and Soul Music in Israel (9/28/2016) - We can find Funk, Indie, Groove, Hip Hop, House, Rapper, Rock and Soul Music everywhere in Israel, and specially in festivals all over the year. In certain selected bars, dancings, clubs in Tel Aviv there are many artists making music in these genres. In the south of Israel you can find them in festivals and regularly in hotels and nightclubs.
  9. Sde Boker June 2020 – Midburn Festival 2020 (9/3/2019) - Burning Man’s Israeli offshoot, and now the second largest regional Burning Man after Africa Burns, Midburn is a special 5-day festival held in the Negev. Founded in 2014, 2016 saw a record 8,000 people attend. This is not a music festival – there are no official stages – it is more of an art, self expression and community festival where camps host parties – and in the center of the playa are incredible art displays and a huge temple that is burned on the final night.
  10. v March 2019 – FATTAL ROCK FESTIVAL (2/12/2019) - Fattal Rock Festival 7 is underway! Thursday night: Nechi Nech hosts Carolina. Omer Adam hosts Marina Maximilian. Friday afternoon: Teapacks host Eliad Nahum. Friday night: Avraham Tal hosts Keren Peles. Rami Fortis hosts Hadag Nachash and Dudu Tessa. Saturday afternoon: Neta Barzilai. Ethnix.
  11. MIKE SHINODA ✦ 25.3.19 ✦ HANGAR 11 TLV March 2019 – MIKE SHINODA ✦ 25.3.19 ✦ HANGAR 11 TLV (2/13/2019) - Shinoda is a songwriter, producer and graphic artist who is responsible for some of Linkin’s album covers. In 2005, he released a solo album under the name “Fort Minor”, which reached fourth place in the album charts for the same year. The album was already praised by Variety, Rolling Stone Magazine, The New York Times , NME and more.
  12. SHAMBALA FESTIVAL ✯ DESERT CELEBRATION ✯ March 2019 – SHAMBALA FESTIVAL ✯ DESERT CELEBRATION ✯ (2/12/2019) - Tue 19 March 2019 | 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm Beer Menuha – Beer Menuha, South Israel, From 250 NIS We have missed you ☺ ✿ SHAMBALA ✿ A colorful tribal gathering of Spirit ~ Love ~ Healing ~ Dance & Celebration ✿ 18-20/10/2018 Purim was incredible. We experienced something special and magical together. And we receivedContinue reading "March 2019 – SHAMBALA FESTIVAL ✯ DESERT CELEBRATION ✯"
  13. MENASHE FOREST FESTIVAL 2019 May 2019 – MENASHE FOREST FESTIVAL 2019 (2/12/2019) - Thu 30 May 2019 – Sat 1 June 2019 | All Day xKibbutz Mishmar HaEmek – Mishmar HaEmek, Mishmar HaEmek, 290-335 Live Music | 3 days with camping | North Central Israel | May A fun 3-day festival, with live performances from over 80 top Israeli bands across all genres – the lineup has included amazing bandsContinue reading "May 2019 – MENASHE FOREST FESTIVAL 2019"
  14. Jerusalem Day 2020 May 2020 – Jerusalem Day 2020 (9/3/2019) - Jerusalem Day is the day we celebrate the independence of the holy city, celebrations include huge parties, concerts, street parties and more!
  15. Yoni Rechter and The Israeli Jazz Orchestra November 2010 – Yoni Rechter and The Israeli Jazz Orchestra (9/10/2019) - Yoni Rechter, one of the most important and interesting musicians and pianists in Israeli music, joins forces the Israeli Jazz Orchestra for a special evening
  16. Eroz Ramazzotti in Tel Aviv November 2019 – Eroz Ramazzotti in Tel Aviv (9/3/2019) - When you think of Italian music, you immediately come up with the name of Eros Ramazzotti and his romantic and intoxicating music. With a career of more than thirty years, 14 albums sold millions of copies around the globe, some people think of him as the best Italian rock / pop singer.
  17. Henrik Linder from Dirty Loops In Tel Aviv November 2019 – Henrik Linder from Dirty Loops (9/9/2019) - A master class in an open atmosphere with plenty of room for questions from the audience, Henrik will talk, among others. A closed Jam show with no audience participation, punk and jazz style, attended by amazing Israeli musicians, some of them known and some of them “rising star”. Participants include Sharon Petrover (the evening’s lead drummer), Alon Tamir (tram), and on the bass will include stage lovers Or Lubianiker, Alex Barshdsky and Yossi Payne
  18. Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson November 2019 – Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson (9/3/2019) - Supertramp – Roger Hodson legendary singer and songwriter of the band to perform in Israel as part of the World Tour. 2019 World Breakfast in America tour Rouge R. Hodson founded the Supertrump Band in 1969, during all his years with the band he wrote, sang, composed and made the Supertrump band a worldwide rock band, with the everlasting hits: “Give a little bit” “It’s Raining Again” “The Logical Song” “Dreamer “” Breakfast in America “” Take the long way home ”
  19. The Paz Band – Winter Tour Opening Show @Barby November 2019 – The Paz Band – Winter Tour Opening Show @Barby (9/12/2019) - The Paz Band is an earthshaking rock n’ roll band from Tel-Aviv Israel. Led by highly acclaimed vocalist Gal De Paz, who possesses a most unique voice, the band consists of talented band members. Motti Leibel (Guitar) Raz Blitzblau (Bass), Or Kachlon (Drums), Yuval Brusilovsky (Keyboard). Playing an exciting & energetic performance, The Paz Band brings to the stage the kind of raw, old school rock n’ roll that takes you on a wild trip through time and space.
  20. The Return To Santorini October 2019 The Return To Santorini (9/12/2019) - Sing and listen on the sea, wake up at sunrise as the guitar and the wind of the island blows through your hair. Be with a bunch of talented 8 with you on an island with the highest quality studio in the world. And to know that it’s all yours.
  21. Berry Sakharof Live @ Tamar Festival October 2019 – Berry Sakharof Live @ Tamar Festival (9/10/2019) - Barry Sakharov Masada Sunrise appearance with Itamar mail, Omri Mor and Gilad Abro . Guests: Complimentary Sabri and Abate Berihun. Berry Sakharof born 7 July 1957, is an Israeli rock guitarist, songwriter and singer. Sakharof is one of Israel's most popular and critically acclaimed rock musicians, and is often referred to as "the prince of Israeli rock".
  22. Myco Music Festival October 2019 – Myco Music Festival (9/10/2019) - Performances, live shows, DJ sets , melodies, Jamm sessions , artists workshops, lectures, music concerts, sound healing and many other musical content.
  23. One Festival – Echo October 2019 – One Festival – Echo (9/10/2019) - Echo is a festival to celebrate rock music originating from the countries of the Former Soviet Union. Echo brings together old friends and new ones. Echo-goers come from all over the east coast and as far as west-coast and the "old countries". Kids, teenagers, young professionals, and entire families build their Echo experience together. Echo is a place to get together with friends to enjoy singing around campfire, eat good food, play games, and compete in events.
  24. Pele Ozen Live! October 2019 – Pele Ozen Live! (9/12/2019) - After a year when they released their second album “Eyes High”, launched it with a memorable performance and burned to death all over The country, the wonder returns to the Barbie stage in full composition with a host of guests and surprises. The band’s sound combines punk, jazz and harsh rhythms with rap that pushes social consciousness and moves buttocks.
  25. Scarfest 2019 October 2019 – Scarfest 2019 (9/7/2019) - Israel’s leading progressive metal band is returning to you from touring the world. Scars and Scars (* drum roll *) – Get the first SCARFEST! A powerful festival that unites on one stage leading bands with the best musicians in the country.
  26. SHTUBY The Color Symphony @ Barby October 2019 – SHTUBY The Color Symphony @ Barby (9/12/2019) - For those who missed the first time, or who have not yet recovered from the experience, this is a first-of-its-kind grandiose electronic / classic concert, combining a wide range of stage artists with their dance, visual, acting and everything accompanied by a very complex 70 minute musical work, accompanied by crazy video art , That will send you on a journey through a variety of music styles. The piece will be performed by a string quartet, accompanied by other instrumentalists
  27. Tropical City Good Bye Summer Party October 2019 – Tropical City Good Bye Summer Party (9/10/2019) - Tropical City comes to The Barby with 3 bands and so much more! Food stalls and surprises, live shows and DJs at the backyard in the outdoor courtyard and on the grand stage
  28. Rock, Jazz and Blues in Israel (9/28/2016) - Local rock bands of variable quality perform most nights at Camelot and Ha-Bima Club, and also at Mike’s Place, which is a foreigner-friendly bar down on the seafront. Benchmark is a relative newcomer featuring live music in the bar-saturated area of Nakhalat Binyamin. For hardcore fans who are prepared to travel, Barbie mixes Israeli rock with Russian hard rock. Cafe Henrietta, Coffee House and Green Racoon, all of which are in central Tel Aviv, all feature jazz at least one night a week.
  29. Black Days September 2019 – Black Days (9/6/2019) - Home to all grunge lovers in particular, and to all rock show lovers in general, such an evening you won’t forget! Such energetic and kicking performance we assure you that you have not yet heard any show like its predecessor! Each evening we compose for you a unique set of songs, carefully selected from a repertoire of over 120 songs that we faithfully perform to the original, and the set will always contain new songs that we have never performed so that you will always be surprised and interesting and our shows will rise every few weeks in the new Giora bar – yes
  30. David Garrett Unlimited 2019 September 2019 – David Garrett Unlimited 2019 (9/3/2019) - David Garrett, the renowned violinist and one of the best violinists of his generation, who combines classical music, rock ballads and pop hits of all time, will arrive in Israel for one concert, which will take place on September 19 at Menorah Mivtahim. Garrett will arrive with his band to Israel with the new show “UNLIMITED” and will perform his best hits, including: Smooth Criminal by Miquel Jackson, The Show Must Go On by Kevin, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, Hey Jude of the Beatles and many more.
  31. DAY ZERO MASADA ROSH HASHANAH: DWELLERS OF THE DEAD SEA September 2019 – DAY ZERO MASADA ROSH HASHANAH: DWELLERS OF THE DEAD SEA (9/1/2019) - In 2012, Day Zero began as a celebration of Mayan culture at the dawn of a new beginning in a jungle cenote in Tulum. In 2019, the event, which has gone on to become a phenomenon will begin a new phase and add a new location for the first time since its inception. On Friday September 27th, Day Zero will celebrate the thousands of wandering nomads and Bedouin people that have traveled through and settled around the Dead Sea region of Israel with a new experience that will take place at the foot of the historical and ancient mountain of Masada.
  32. ITAY PEARL & TAMAR EISENMAN LIVE @ BARBY September 2019 – ITAY PEARL & TAMAR EISENMAN LIVE @ BARBY (9/1/2019) - Earlier this year Pearl and Eisenman released an exciting performance of Yossi Elephant’s “How To ..” and are now gearing up for a joint tour full of guitars, the best songs, and Good Old Live and Vibe from Dreams !
  33. Jazz is Africa @ Teder September 2019 – Jazz is Africa @ Teder (9/4/2019) - After traveling around space and the globe, returning to the origins of this cool new chapter of Jazz – “Jazz is Africa” ​​- A Journey into the Heart of the Mother Continent and a Dive into the Deep of the Cultural / Spiritual / Energetic Relationship Among the Rich Musical History of the African Continent For Western Jazz Heritage! ~ Afrikante will begin the journey with an explosion of Maharasha and Congolese blues, the Liquid Salon group will continue in an expanded composition of Central / West African flavors of inter-galactic hype and Afrobit (think Abu Tyler, William Unibor) Avital – At the North African Kantar show blowing winds!
  34. MIRI Into The Desert – Rosh Ha’Shana September 2019 – MIRI Into The Desert – Rosh Ha’Shana (9/10/2019) - All this so that you come to dance, break free, smile, enjoy, and experience a musical and spiritual journey that will activate every muscle in your body, and every part of the soul you can also enjoy 2 broad, spread out a wide range of musical styles throughout the event
  35. Nearby Music #5 September 2019 – Nearby Music #5 (9/4/2019) - The Shapirai Concert Line Nearby Music enters a steady pace of one month a month in an intimate atmosphere! Starting The Habit With TM Street Band Composer and composer and multi-instrumentalist Tal Messiah, who lives and works in New York, arrives in Shapira with an instrumental performance that includes trombone, harmonica and alto-sex. The band, which regularly performs at prominent New York jazz and world music centers, will bring the Gypsy-Latin vibe to the neighborhood, combining old Israeli folklore with funk, jazz and blues.
  36. Niggen Quartet – The Soul Sessions #2 September 2019 – Niggen Quartet – The Soul Sessions #2 (9/10/2019) - Within Hasidism, the “niggen” (melody) is a tool used to awaken the soul toward spiritual reflection. The melody is believed to have a power to rid man of the mundane, day-to-day dust, and elevate him unto higher states of connection with the creator and all of creation. There are melodies that bring the soul to joy and those that bring it to longing. There are melodies evoking heroism and those evoking inner peace.
  37. Noa in Concert September 2019 – Noa in Concert (9/6/2019) - Noa’s strongest influences come from the singer-songwriters of the 60s, like Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. These musical and lyrical sensibilities, combined with Noa’s Yemenite roots and Gil Dor’s strong background in Jazz, Classical and Rock, have created Noa and Gil’s unique sound, manifested in hundreds of songs written and performed together.
  38. Saga Véliz‏ returns to Levontine 7 September 2019 – Saga Véliz‏ returns to Levontine 7 (9/4/2019) - Saga Véliz returns to Tel Aviv in a particularly psychedelic, melodic and colorful performance in light of Liquid Light artist Liquor Light’s bisque, which will launch a special psychedelic lights show behind the band to complement the whole synthetic experience.
  39. TERRA IN THE PARK #2 September 2019 – TERRA IN THE PARK #2 (9/1/2019) - We love you in the heart of a blooming park, trees, grass, music and a lot of friends, we meet to dance life, with a fairy tale legends and an incomparable atmosphere. Leave the cynicism at home, dancing!
  40. THE DIRE STRAITS EXPERIENCE September 2019 – THE DIRE STRAITS EXPERIENCE (9/1/2019) - The band Strangers Experience was founded by saxophonist Chris White who played and recorded with Teny Straits for a decade and took part in their worldwide tour of the album “Brothers In Arms”, which included live shows on Live Aid broadcasted around the world and on Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday, recorded on their last album On Every And the two-year-old world tour followed by the growing demand for a live performance of the band’s songs after it disintegrated led to a 2011 charity event at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where Alan Clark, Chris White and Phil Palmer joined together on the stage. The Great Hits The greatness they won led to a round of 150 performances in 25 countries.
  41. The Dynamites Live @ Hoodna September 2019 – The Dynamites Live @ Hoodna (9/11/2019) - After long-distance destinations from Tel Aviv / Jaffa, the Mediterranean surf sensation returns to the Mediterranean city, in the new and up-to- date composition for electric rocking. Then the band will take a break new hits “Uzi candles”, “in # 2” and “Jungreis bop” concert start time
  42. Yafo Jazz Festival 2019 September 2019 – Yafo Jazz Festival 2019 (9/5/2019) - We have a social Jazz Festival and his friend of all of us: your viewers and supporters of non-reserved and united together musicians from all over the world. Together we enjoyed the performance of the eight friend, guest artists from abroad, and 43 Israeli artists, all leading jazz musicians in their countries join together to honor the great jazz composers disposable gestures and memorable.
  43. The Tour from Hell (9/10/2019) - This tour was the tour from hell ... for me. For the group absolutely not, because they had loads of fun, costing me my hair of course. We are talking about a tour, which shows what Israel actually is, a mixture of culture, adventure, exploration and Israeli sights in all the major touristic centers of Israel. This article is part of the Tour Guide Diaries September 2016.


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