Classical Music in Israel

day-tours  GIFThe Israel Philharmonic, one of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, is based in Tel Aviv at the Performing Arts Center. The neighboring Tel Aviv Museum of Art also hosts regular chamber music concerts and other classical events in its Recanati Hall. Smaller venues include the Felicia Blumenthal Center and Einav Cultural Center, both of which host local and international classical musicians. In the village of Ein Kerem near Jerusalem, young musicians give free recitals of chamber music every Friday at noon from October to May at the Fountain of the Virgin in the Targ Center.

  1. Amirim near Mountain Meron – The Battle between Fruit and Wine (9/5/2019) - West of Tsfat, antenna-topped Mt Meron (1204m), Israel’s second-tallest peak (after Mt Hermon), looms over the Dalton Plateau and scattered Jewish, Druze and Arab villages. Until recently, the area was planted with deciduous fruit trees such as pear and apple, but more and more land is being given over to grapevines for the thriving wineries of Ramat Dalton, sometimes called (with some exaggeration) the ‘Israeli Napa Valley’ or ‘Israel’s Tuscany’. Oh, one word of warning! This is the 'land of the not-meat eating communities'.
  2. Classical Music in Israel (9/28/2016) - The Israel Philharmonic, one of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, is based in Tel Aviv at the Performing Arts Center. The neighboring Tel Aviv Museum of Art also hosts regular chamber music concerts and other classical events in its Recanati Hall. Smaller venues include the Felicia Blumenthal Center and Einav Cultural Center, both of which host local and international classical musicians. In the village of Ein Kerem near Jerusalem, young musicians give free recitals of chamber music every Friday at noon from October to May at the Fountain of the Virgin in the Targ Center.
  3. Clubbing in Tel Aviv (9/5/2016) - The Tel Aviv club scene is comparable to those in most European capitals. Top international (and local) DJs regularly perform in Tel Aviv, with clubs constantly vying to outdo each other with ever more extravagant parties. Be aware, Clubbing in Tel Aviv is popular, busy and exciting.
  4. Culture Square (8/21/2016) - Tel Aviv is Israel’s culture city. Most of the museums, orchestras, theaters, art galleries, dance venues and music halls come with an entry fee, however. To get a taste of the city’s arts scene, head over to Culture Square at the end of Rothschild Boulevard.
  5. Back Stage Tour - Dead Man Walking December 2019 – Back Stage Tour – Dead Man Walking (9/12/2019) - The opera takes place on stage but the backstage hustle is a show by its own right. You are invited to enjoy an exciting tour, 90 minutes before curtain time, and sense the excitement on stage and in the soloists’ rooms, the make-up and wig rooms and the fantastic costume shop.
  6. Between France and Spain December 2019 – Between France and Spain (9/22/2019) - Rodrigo / Concierto de Aranjuez (the composer's arr. for harp and orch.) Fauré / Pavane, op. 50 Ravel / Introduction and Allegro for harp, flute, clarinet and strings Ginastera / Variaciones Concertantes
  7. Dead Man Walking December 2019 – Dead Man Walking (9/12/2019) - The most performed American opera in the repertoire – the mesmerizing story of an American nun who tries to comfort a convicted murderer on his way to death row. An operatic version to the internationally powerful movie.
  8. Schubert – Die Winterreise December 2019 – Schubert – Die Winterreise (9/12/2019) - Schubert’s masterpiece, a song cycle portraying the physical and spiritual journey of a poet who searches through the nature of the creation the soul of the art and the artist, in a unique dramatic version performed by three female opera singers. A special staged version for three female singers:
  9. The Tarnegolim- The Remix December 2019 – The Tarnegolim- The Remix (9/12/2019) - The Tarnegolim created a unique mix of music and movement. Their unique artistry inspires a new original show with historical videos of the original ensemble and new musical-dramatic-movement interpretations performed by some of the leading Israeli actors-singers of our time including Meshi Kleinstein, Ido Rosenberg and others
  10. Eilat’s Isrotel Theater (8/15/2016) - Eilat's Isrotel Theater is a magnificent theater that hosts performances every evening. The Isrotel Theater hosts the famous and spectacular show - WOW that combines acrobatics, dancers and artists from around the world. WOW created by the famous Israeli artist Hanoch Rosen, and is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Eilat, you simply should not miss it.
  11. Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2016 Entertainment in Israel (9/28/2016) - Many say that there is not enough entertainment in Israel. Is that so? Israel has its theaters, concert halls and cinematheque in Jerusalem (high culture), but in Tel Aviv are the bigger entertainment centers (popular culture). In Jerusalem they pray, in Haifa they work, in Tel Aviv they play. In this article I describe entertainment in Israel and where to find it.
  12. Family and Children Tour 10 Days (8/24/2016) - This tour is for families and their children. It will bring you to Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Acre, Sea of Galilee, Golan, Safed, Jerusalem and Eilat. The tour is designed for the individual, as for groups, with or without a professional guide. The guide can speak English, German and Dutch.
  13. Faust Faust (9/7/2016) - The ageing scholar Faust signs a pact with the devil and regains his youth. But such deals can never end happily and the price Faust has to pay cannot be measured in gold as we reveal in this grand French opera which is based on Goethe’s novel.
  14. ANOMALIE LIVE - FULL BAND LL 26.2 LL BARBY February 2019 – ANOMALIE (LIVE / FULL BAND) LL 26.2 LL BARBY (2/13/2019) - Tue 26 February 2019 | 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm Barby – Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv, 135 NIS The electronic jazz prodigy “Anomaly” comes for one performance at Barby! Anomaly is the jazz / punk project of producer and keyboard player from Montreal Canada – Nicholas Dopius. Nicholas is only 22, but 17 years ofContinue reading "February 2019 – ANOMALIE (LIVE / FULL BAND) LL 26.2 LL BARBY"
  15. ELDJEY LIVE FULL CONCERT – FIRST TIME IN ISRAEL February 2019 – ELDJEY LIVE FULL CONCERT – FIRST TIME IN ISRAEL (2/13/2019) - Eljay is a young talent in rap get-together, the one who for several years has gone from hundreds of likes under amateur video clips to millions of fans in concert halls and popular far beyond the borders of his country!
  16. MANOWAR 2019 FINAL BATTLE TOUR February 2019 – MANOWAR 2019 FINAL BATTLE TOUR (2/13/2019) - The veteran American heavy rock band Manowar, one of the most recognized and important in the genre, has announced that it will arrive in Israel for one concert on February 25, 2019 at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv. 
  17. TRIBAL WINTER FESTIVAL 2019 February 2019 – TRIBAL WINTER FESTIVAL 2019 (2/11/2019) - Prepare for a weekend filled with music, art, spirituality, meditation, connection, love, and growth. We know that everyone has different musical tastes, so we have a little something for everyone 😉 – Rock, Jam, Psychedelic, Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Trance, Techno and so much more!
  18. Johannes Passion - Part of Israeli-Estonian MustonenFest February 2020 – Johannes Passion – Part of Israeli-Estonian MustonenFest (9/22/2019) - Andres Mustonen conductor (Estonia)Collegium Musicale:Tallinn Chamber Choir (Estonia)Anto Õnnis evengalist (Estonia)Keren Motseri soprano (Israel-Netherlands)Iris Oja alto (Estonia)Endrik Üksvärav tenor (Estonia)Aare Saal bass (Estonia) J.S. Bach / Johannes Passion BWV 245 Concert Dates 14 February 2020 Friday 13:00 Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv Museum of Art Buy Tickets 15 February 2020 Saturday 20:00 Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv MuseumContinue reading "February 2020 – Johannes Passion – Part of Israeli-Estonian MustonenFest"
  19. Gan ha’Em or the Mother’s Park in Haifa (8/18/2016) - Gan Ha'em offers a corner of green piece of nature in the heart of Carmel Center. In 1913 a garden was set up in Haifa, consequently called Gan Ha'em (Mother's garden) with vast lawns offering you a place of serenity and calm right in the center of town, unless arriving on an evening a performance is held. A garden for the mother and the entire family.
  20. Hutzot Hayotzer Artists Colony (8/20/2016) - Two years after the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, a no-man’s land between the New and Old City of Jerusalem was transformed into an artist’s colony. It contains studios and galleries of 24 carefully selected Israeli artists creating in both traditional and contemporary styles in the diverse art fields of Painting, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Tapestry, Leather, Ceramics, Judaica and Jewelry.
  21. Rimsky- Korsakov | Tan Dun January 2019 – Rimsky- Korsakov | Tan Dun (9/12/2019) - Muhai Tang, conductor Rimsky- Korsakov: Capriccio espagnol, Op. 34 Tan Dun: TBA Rimsky- Korsakov: Scheherazade Op. 35
  22. Thessaloniki Mou January 2019 – Thessaloniki Mou (9/12/2019) - Eleni Vitali, one of the greatest Greek stars of all time, with her gripping voice, presents new versions to her popular hits from the last 45 years.
  23. The Story of Farinelli January 2020 The Story of Farinelli (9/12/2019) - The legendary castrato, Farinelli, was one of the superstars of the Baroque. With the Barrocade Ensemble and singers Alon Harari and Anat Czarny, we will discover his intriguing life story and the extraordinary music he performed.
  24. Aterballetto January 2020 – Aterballetto (9/12/2019) - Wednesday 01/01/2020 20:00 Thursday 02/01/2020 20:00 Friday 03/01/2020 13:00 Tickets here. Aterballetto Antitesa Choreography: Jiří Kylián , Hofesh Shechter , Andonis Foniadakis One of Italy’s best dance companies presents works by three of the leading choreographers of our age: Kylián’s 14’20’’ , Shechter’s Wolf and Foniadakis’s Antitesi Dream, time, speed, love, nostalgia and violent reality.
  25. Chen Reiss soprano July 2020 – Bright Soprano (9/22/2019) - We close the season with Chen Reiss, the international acclaimed soprano, singing virtuoso aria and Motet by Mozart and Hasse. The orchestra will play Stravinsky’s ”Pulcinella", conducted by Avner Biron
  26. Between Classical and Tragic June 2020 – Between Classical and Tragic (9/22/2019) - Avner Biron conducts two characteristically contrasting works, Shubert’s Tragic Symphony and the Classic Symphony by Prokofiev. David Gringas is our soloist, one of the finest cellists of our times, will play Schuman’s touching “Cello Concerto”.
  27. v March 2019 – FATTAL ROCK FESTIVAL (2/12/2019) - Fattal Rock Festival 7 is underway! Thursday night: Nechi Nech hosts Carolina. Omer Adam hosts Marina Maximilian. Friday afternoon: Teapacks host Eliad Nahum. Friday night: Avraham Tal hosts Keren Peles. Rami Fortis hosts Hadag Nachash and Dudu Tessa. Saturday afternoon: Neta Barzilai. Ethnix.
  28. JESSE ROYAL [JA] & STYLO G [UK] – PURIM FEST REGGAE AND DANCEHALL March 2019 – JESSE ROYAL [JA] & STYLO G [UK] – PURIM FEST REGGAE AND DANCEHALL (2/13/2019) - Reggae and Dancehall Carnival in a festive Purim edition! Hosts 2 giants from Jamaica and England. Stylo G & Jesse Royal (First time in Israel!) – JAMAICA / UK
  29. MIKE SHINODA ✦ 25.3.19 ✦ HANGAR 11 TLV March 2019 – MIKE SHINODA ✦ 25.3.19 ✦ HANGAR 11 TLV (2/13/2019) - Shinoda is a songwriter, producer and graphic artist who is responsible for some of Linkin’s album covers. In 2005, he released a solo album under the name “Fort Minor”, which reached fourth place in the album charts for the same year. The album was already praised by Variety, Rolling Stone Magazine, The New York Times , NME and more.
  30. Opera and More March 2020 -Opera and More (9/22/2019) - Our dear colleague, Xu Zhong returns to conduct the orechestra with a marvelous program featuring works by Rossini, Donizetti, Verdi, Puccini and Bizet with the marvelous soprano Hila Baggio . Mor Biron A member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, will play a bassoon concerto by Rossini.
  31. Jerusalem Day 2019 May 2019 – Jerusalem Day 2019 (2/7/2019) - Jerusalem Day is the day we celebrate the independence of the holy city, celebrations include huge parties, concerts, street parties and more! To get an idea of what Jerusalem Day looks like, check out last year’s list of events
  32. Fantasy for Strings May 2020 – Fantasy for Strings (9/22/2019) - In this program with Itamar Zorman , the winner of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Competition, playing Mozart’s “Turkish Violin Concerto” alongside the Tchaikovsky String Serenade. In addition we will present Stravinsky’s "Dumbarton Oaks” and the” Fantasia” on a theme by Tomas Tallis written by Vaughan Williams. Conducted by Rubin Gazarian. (Germany).
  33. Jerusalem Day 2020 May 2020 – Jerusalem Day 2020 (9/3/2019) - Jerusalem Day is the day we celebrate the independence of the holy city, celebrations include huge parties, concerts, street parties and more!
  34. Yoni Rechter and The Israeli Jazz Orchestra November 2010 – Yoni Rechter and The Israeli Jazz Orchestra (9/10/2019) - Yoni Rechter, one of the most important and interesting musicians and pianists in Israeli music, joins forces the Israeli Jazz Orchestra for a special evening
  35. Alice in Wonderland November 2019 – Alice in Wonderland (9/11/2019) - This colorful opera encounters the child Alice with the fantastical creatures of wonderland including the Cat, the Mad Hatter and a Queen who does not like to lose.
  36. Annihilator Live in Israel November 2019 – Annihilator Live in Israel (9/3/2019) - This great band broke out with its first album, Alice in Hell, in 1989, when Allison Hell and the clip that accompanied it became one of the biggest metal gems of all time. Under the leadership of the guitarist, the writer, the leader and also the current lead singer Jeff Waters, the band continued to release huge albums such as Never, Neverland, Set the World on Fire and King Of The Kill, and this year released a great new album called For The Demented, In Hell with the melody of Set the World on Fire.
  37. Back Stage Tour - Manon November 2019 – Back Stage Tour – Manon (9/11/2019) - The opera takes place on stage but the backstage hustle is a show by its own right. You are invited to enjoy an exciting tour, 90 minutes before curtain time, and sense the excitement on stage and in the soloists’ rooms, the make-up and wig rooms and the fantastic costume shop.
  38. Maria Ioudenitch violin November 2019 – Beethoven, Lalo and Glazunov (9/22/2019) - Doron Salomon Conductor Katharina Treutler piano Maria Ioudenitch violin Timotheos Petrin cello Beethoven Piano concerto no. 4, op. 58 Lalo Cello concerto in D mino Glazunov: Violin concerto Op. 82
  39. BLACK STAR Festival | Live Full Concert November 2019 – BLACK STAR Festival | Live Full Concert (9/3/2019) - LIVE MUSIC by fashionbar presents! 💥 FOR THE FIRST TIME in Israel BLACK STAR FESTIVAL in Haoman 17 tel-aviv! This is a truly incredible event – after all, on stage for us are 3 cool artists of our favorite label with hits that conquered millions!
  40. Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra and Dudu Fisher November 2019 – Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra and Dudu Fisher (9/11/2019) - For the first time in Israel! A musical wonder – an orchestra that performs without notes and without a conductor. Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra and Dudu Fisher with a unique concert combining Classics with Jewish and Gypsy melodies.
  41. Eroz Ramazzotti in Tel Aviv November 2019 – Eroz Ramazzotti in Tel Aviv (9/3/2019) - When you think of Italian music, you immediately come up with the name of Eros Ramazzotti and his romantic and intoxicating music. With a career of more than thirty years, 14 albums sold millions of copies around the globe, some people think of him as the best Italian rock / pop singer.
  42. Freddie Gibbs Live! November 2019 – Freddie Gibbs Live! (9/7/2019) - Gibbs will be arriving in Israel on a show that will accompany his second album as a duo with legendary producer Madlib, “Bandana,” which reaps praise for both hip-hop and alternative, and has already become a serious candidate for this year’s rap album this summer.
  43. Hofesh Shechter Company November 2019 – Hofesh Shechter Company (9/12/2019) - Hofesh Shechter, one of the outstanding choreographers of our generation, arrives with his English company to perform a new original and bold dance-theatre work.
  44. Manon November 2019 – Manon (9/11/2019) - Genuine love or worldly riches - the eternal dilemma brings the young Manon to her tragic end. Dan Ettinger conducts one of the most beloved French operas of all time.
  45. Mark Eliyahu Live November 2019 – Mark Eliyahu Live (9/9/2019) - Mark Eliyahu Electro-Acoustic Trio and Mark Eliyahu is considered one of the most exciting and exciting creators on stage today. In 1999, Eliyahu participated in The Spirit of the East – a concert and album directed and composed by his father, Peretz Eliyahu, with the participation of the Azerbaijani mugham singers Alim Qasimov and his daughter Farghana Qasimova and other artists.
  46. Noam Klinstein in a Special Piano Festival Performance November 2019 – Noam Klinstein in a Special Piano Festival Performance (9/12/2019) - Noam Klinstein, singer-songwriter, launched a first song last March, and since then more songs have been released. Mobilized in October to the IDF, but before being drafted, managed Noam arouse curiosity and interest in her talent musical and performance capability and its writing.
  47. Parisian Love November 2019 – Parisian Love (9/11/2019) - Paris – the city of lights and of young love in opera, musicals and the French chansons alike: La traviata, Manon, La rondine, The Phantom of the Opera.
  48. Piano Festival 2019 @ Tel Aviv Museum of Art November 2019 – Piano Festival 2019 @ Tel Aviv Museum of Art (9/9/2019) - Over 300 musicians and ensembles, artists, creators, actors and poets will perform at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Piano Festival No. 21 and take part in 58 different performances
  49. Smetana | Weber | Dvorak November 2019 – Smetana | Weber | Dvorak (9/11/2019) - Gianluka Marciano, conductor Shirley Brill, clarinet Shostakovich: Festive Overture Op. 96 Weber: Clarinet Concerto No. 2 in E flat major, Op. 74. Dvorak: Symphony No 8 in G major, Op. 88
  50. Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson November 2019 – Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson (9/3/2019) - Supertramp – Roger Hodson legendary singer and songwriter of the band to perform in Israel as part of the World Tour. 2019 World Breakfast in America tour Rouge R. Hodson founded the Supertrump Band in 1969, during all his years with the band he wrote, sang, composed and made the Supertrump band a worldwide rock band, with the everlasting hits: “Give a little bit” “It’s Raining Again” “The Logical Song” “Dreamer “” Breakfast in America “” Take the long way home ”
  51. The Paz Band – Winter Tour Opening Show @Barby November 2019 – The Paz Band – Winter Tour Opening Show @Barby (9/12/2019) - The Paz Band is an earthshaking rock n’ roll band from Tel-Aviv Israel. Led by highly acclaimed vocalist Gal De Paz, who possesses a most unique voice, the band consists of talented band members. Motti Leibel (Guitar) Raz Blitzblau (Bass), Or Kachlon (Drums), Yuval Brusilovsky (Keyboard). Playing an exciting & energetic performance, The Paz Band brings to the stage the kind of raw, old school rock n’ roll that takes you on a wild trip through time and space.
  52. The Piano & The Orchestra November 2019 – The Piano & The Orchestra (9/11/2019) - The piano, one of the most important instruments in Western music, becomes a bridge between continents and musical styles. With three virtuoso pianists -Omri Mor, combining the piano to North African music Guy Mintus, combining jazz with Turkish and Greek music Nizar Elhater, combining Mozart with Lebanese music.
  53. Who Made The Empress Angry? - Haydn November 2019 – Who Made The Empress Angry? – Haydn (9/11/2019) - Who Made the Empress Angry? Who Made the Empress Angry? Little Haydn sang like a nightingale yet his pranks even angered the Empress. Humorous excerpts from the Bear, Rooster, Clok, Surprise and Farewell symphonies. Audience entrance through stage door - 28 Leonardo da Vinci street, Tel Aviv
  54. Bach's Mass, Mozart's Requiem Oct/Nov 2019 – Bach’s Mass, Mozart’s Requiem (9/12/2019) - Requiem (Mozart) The Requiem in D minor, K. 626, is a requiem mass by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791). Mozart composed part of the Requiem in Vienna in late 1791, but it was unfinished at his death on 5 December the same year. Until the late 20th century the work was most often heard as it had been completed by Mozart's student Franz Xaver Süssmayr.
  55. Bernstein | Beethoven October 2019 – Bernstein | Beethoven (9/2/2019) - Tel Aviv Collegium Singers The Jerusalem Academy Chamber Choir Shahar choir Bernstein: Chichester Psalms Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 in D minor op. 125
  56. DGTL Tel Aviv 2019 October 2019 – DGTL Tel Aviv 2019 (9/7/2019) - 2019 marks the 3rd edition of DGTL Tel Aviv and this time with a brand new park adventure. Join us for the worldwide musical experience of DJs and live acts this Sukkot, which has never felt more exciting than now. As always, accompanied by the latest sustainable and technological innovations and glistening art projects. Early Bird tickets will be available for a limited period starting July 3rd!
  57. EPICA – Barby Club, Tel Aviv October 2019 – EPICA – Barby Club, Tel Aviv (9/3/2019) - Dutch Symphonic heavyweights EPICA announce a select number of exclusive shows in support of the 10th anniversary of their album “Design Your Universe”. The album until today holds a special place in the hearts of their fans and includes fan-favorites as “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Design Your Universe”. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Design Your Universe” the band will return to a number of venues they played while touring on the album back in 2009/2010
  58. Fortis for the whole family October 2019 – Fortis for the whole family (9/12/2019) - Ram Ephraim "Rami" Fortis, or simply Fortis, is an Israeli rock singer. Born in Tel Aviv, Fortis became known as a pioneer of Israeli punk rock. His debut album Plonter, released in 1978, was not a commercial success at the time, though today it is considered an influential cult album.
  59. Hänsel and Gretel October 2019 – Hänsel and Gretel (9/2/2019) - The young siblings who are lost in the darkness of the forest encounter the sumptuous candy house of the witch who loves to eat children for her dinner. But the smart children outwit the witch and get to reunite with their concerned parents. All's well that ends well. A magical production in Hebrew.
  60. IL DIVO – 15th Anniversary Tour October 2019 – IL DIVO – 15th Anniversary Tour (9/12/2019) - IL DIVO invented the cross-over genre: operatic pop (“Popra”). The band was founded in Britain in 2004 and immediately gained a warm media embrace. At the beginning of her career she was hosted by Queen Mother – Oprah Winfrey and has since released 9 albums sold in more than 160 million copies. A quartet, a million and a half followers on Facebook and more than half a million followers on the YouTube page. Among their famous performance; Duet with the Diva Celine Dion I Believe in You An exciting version of Tony Braxton’s Immortal Poetry Unbreak My Heart, which has 50 million views, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and more
  61. L’italiana in Algeri October 2019 – L’italiana in Algeri (9/12/2019) - Cecilia Bertoli (mezzo soprano), the much lauded bel canto vocalist and recipient of numerous awards, stars in this production from the Salzburg Festival, which redefines the concept of operatic comedy. Fine Italian bel canto, sharp humor and colorful sets in this loaded and entertaining cultural clash between the European and the exotic.
  62. Mahmood feat Eden Ben Zaken October 2019 – Mahmood feat Eden Ben Zaken (9/12/2019) - Mahmood , singer and creator of the big hit of the summer – Soldi, is his first performance in Israel at Zappa LIVE Park in Rishon Lezion and will collaborate with singer of the year Eden Ben Zaken – an evening of two shows on one ticket!
  63. Myco Music Festival October 2019 – Myco Music Festival (9/10/2019) - Performances, live shows, DJ sets , melodies, Jamm sessions , artists workshops, lectures, music concerts, sound healing and many other musical content.
  64. Pele Ozen Live! October 2019 – Pele Ozen Live! (9/12/2019) - After a year when they released their second album “Eyes High”, launched it with a memorable performance and burned to death all over The country, the wonder returns to the Barbie stage in full composition with a host of guests and surprises. The band’s sound combines punk, jazz and harsh rhythms with rap that pushes social consciousness and moves buttocks.
  65. Scarfest 2019 October 2019 – Scarfest 2019 (9/7/2019) - Israel’s leading progressive metal band is returning to you from touring the world. Scars and Scars (* drum roll *) – Get the first SCARFEST! A powerful festival that unites on one stage leading bands with the best musicians in the country.
  66. SHTUBY The Color Symphony @ Barby October 2019 – SHTUBY The Color Symphony @ Barby (9/12/2019) - For those who missed the first time, or who have not yet recovered from the experience, this is a first-of-its-kind grandiose electronic / classic concert, combining a wide range of stage artists with their dance, visual, acting and everything accompanied by a very complex 70 minute musical work, accompanied by crazy video art , That will send you on a journey through a variety of music styles. The piece will be performed by a string quartet, accompanied by other instrumentalists
  67. The Elixir of Love - (L'elisir d'amore) October, December 2019 – The Elixir of Love – (L’elisir d’amore) (9/2/2019) - Nemorino is in love with Adina who does not hurry to return his love. She even tells him she would rather marry the soldier Belcore who woos her with military passion. Nemorino purchases a love elixir from the traveling salesmen Dulcamara and at the end love wins and Adina and Nemorino marry and live happily ever after.
  68. The Magic Flute Opera for children in Israel 2019 (9/15/2019) - A list and overview of Israeli Opera for Children.
  69. Opera in Israel (9/28/2016) - Tel Aviv’s Performing Arts Center is home to the New Israeli Opera, a world-class company, which puts on four or five new productions a year. The center also frequently hosts visiting productions from Europe and America.
  70. Barry Sakharof Live in Concert September 2019 – Barry Sakharof Live in Concert (9/10/2019) - Berry Sakharof at the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv! Details about guests – coming soon! Thursday, 19.9.19, Tel Aviv Hall of Culture Opening Doors: 20:00, Start of the concert: 21:00
  71. Black Days September 2019 – Black Days (9/6/2019) - Home to all grunge lovers in particular, and to all rock show lovers in general, such an evening you won’t forget! Such energetic and kicking performance we assure you that you have not yet heard any show like its predecessor! Each evening we compose for you a unique set of songs, carefully selected from a repertoire of over 120 songs that we faithfully perform to the original, and the set will always contain new songs that we have never performed so that you will always be surprised and interesting and our shows will rise every few weeks in the new Giora bar – yes
  72. Boris Brejcha – Tel Aviv Calling September 2019 – Boris Brejcha – Tel Aviv Calling (9/3/2019) - Comfort 13 & Tel Aviv Calling Presents Boris Brejcha – 30.9.2019 – Rosh Ha’shana Rave
  73. BPM SINGER SONG WRITER SHOW September 2019 – BPM SINGER SONG WRITER SHOW (9/1/2019) - One show, one after the other, will cost 15 talented singers and each will perform an original and special performance written and composed during their studies on the track. The show is an opportunity to get acquainted with tomorrow’s generation of creative singers and to be exposed to their vocal, creative and stage skills. This year we were blessed with unique talents as each one brings with it different colors and influences ready to be surprised and mostly enjoy!
  74. CORONA SUNSETS FESTIVAL September 2019 – CORONA SUNSETS FESTIVAL (9/1/2019) - As is customary all over the world, the festival will be held in a unique complex specially set up for it in the National Park which will include a central stage, dozens of attractions and activity areas, including drumming, makeup, silkscreening, tattoos, sales bazaar and of course the best international and local DJs on the main stage – on the main stage – One by one, from the time the doors open at 3pm to 11pm, in the Afro House electro, techno and EDM style sets. The entire festival is meant to celebrate sunset time with the music record and a breathtaking show!
  75. Daniela Spector September 2019 – Daniela Spector Live @ Zappa TLV (9/6/2019) - Just before a new album, excited to return to Zappa Tel Aviv with a dream band and a very special guest – Eran Tzur!
  76. David Garrett Unlimited 2019 September 2019 – David Garrett Unlimited 2019 (9/3/2019) - David Garrett, the renowned violinist and one of the best violinists of his generation, who combines classical music, rock ballads and pop hits of all time, will arrive in Israel for one concert, which will take place on September 19 at Menorah Mivtahim. Garrett will arrive with his band to Israel with the new show “UNLIMITED” and will perform his best hits, including: Smooth Criminal by Miquel Jackson, The Show Must Go On by Kevin, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana, Hey Jude of the Beatles and many more.
  77. Day Zero Masada Rosh Hashanah: Dwellers of the Dead Sea September 2019 – Day Zero Masada Rosh Hashanah: Dwellers of the Dead Sea (9/3/2019) - Day Zero Masada : Dwellers of the Dead Sea will bring a gathering of party people from all around the world to this unique world heritage site in the desert, just a stone’s throw from the Biblical ruins of Sodom & Gomorrah. Crosstown Rebels will team up with The Tripping Productions for a legendary experience in this beautiful location, armed with an incredible line up and a level of production that only these 2 event organizers can create.
  78. Dudu Tassa Live in Concert – FREE!! September 2019 – Dudu Tassa Live in Concert – FREE!! (9/6/2019) - Last year was another record year in Dudu Tessa’s glorious career. With a new album and a successful tour abroad, following the success of the historic Radiohead tour documented in a documentary, a gold album about the Kuwaiti masterpiece, and a long line of musical collaborations that produced a string of hits. His uncle Tessa and the band continue solo outings around the country performing the greatest hits from all albums: “Farid,” “Elevators,” “Loop,” “Finally Get Practiced for Everything,” “Exile,” “I Run,” and more.
  79. Eric Berman Live @ The Barby September 2019 – Eric Berman Live @ The Barby (9/11/2019) - Eric Berman – Band Show
  80. EVENING FUNDRAISER FOR SOCIAL ACTIVITIES – IVRI LIDER AND ARTIST LIRON CARROLL September 2019 – EVENING FUNDRAISER FOR SOCIAL ACTIVITIES – IVRI LIDER AND ARTIST LIRON CARROLL (9/1/2019) - Youth at risk in boarding schools and warm homes – Geha Educational Center Petah Tikva, Ranim Zichron Yaacov Yerushalayim, Hot Homes of the Ya’adim Northern Association Tivon, Daburia, Yafia, Rina, Kfar Kanna), a warm house together with Bedouin girls in the homeland, Bedouin community anchor boarding school Beer Sheva, Bedouin youth from Beer Sheva Testing Service, Emmy School Beer Sheva Technology.
  81. Idan Amedi Concert September 2019 – Idan Amedi Concert (9/11/2019) - Singer songwriter and actor (from Fauda) Idan Amedi performs at Ariel Sharon Park!
  82. InAbell Headphone concert at Com-Unity September 2019 – InAbell Headphone concert at Com-Unity (9/5/2019) - Invite you to a special headphones on the Florentine roof courtesy of the coolest building in town: This COM-UNITY is going to be a sunset performance with beer and breeze and of course music right into your ears. It is important that you rent a place in advance because we rent headphones according to the number of participants
  83. ITAY PEARL & TAMAR EISENMAN LIVE @ BARBY September 2019 – ITAY PEARL & TAMAR EISENMAN LIVE @ BARBY (9/1/2019) - Earlier this year Pearl and Eisenman released an exciting performance of Yossi Elephant’s “How To ..” and are now gearing up for a joint tour full of guitars, the best songs, and Good Old Live and Vibe from Dreams !
  84. Claudio-Bohorquez-©Gina-Gorny[1] September 2019 – Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival 2019 (9/3/2019) - With modern musicians playing the tunes of Beethoven, Dvorak, Martinu, Zemlinsky, Brahms and more, The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival is a great event for those of you who live and breath classical music. The festival is being held annually in Jerusalem, but its participants and shows travel world wide and perform in cities like: Paris, Salzburg, Moskau and more. So don’t travel far and go see the Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival when it’s close to home!
  85. KEREM SESSIONS + JAM AT KEREM HOUSE September 2019 – KEREM SESSIONS + JAM AT KEREM HOUSE (9/1/2019) - On the rooftop, Dj FyahKeepa keeps the flame burning with an intimate soul lounge session. Downstairs we have live shows followed by a jam. Bring instruments, feel welcome
  86. KEREN ILAN EP RELEASE SHOW // KULI ALMA September 2019 – KEREN ILAN EP RELEASE SHOW // KULI ALMA (9/1/2019) - Soulful-pop songstress Keren Ilan born in Vietnam and currently living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. Keren has beer exploring her musicality since the age of 12. when she first picked up a guitar. At the age of 17 she began writing her first songs, influenced by the indie, soul and fold.
  87. LIONEL RICHIE LIVE September 2019 – LIONEL RICHIE LIVE (9/1/2019) - Music legend Lionel Richie will make his debut in Israel on September 12 in the open-air Amphitheater of Rishon Letzion. Richie will perform his favorite hits of all career including ‘Lady’, ‘Truly,’ ‘Say You Say Me’, ‘Hello’ and ‘All Night Long’. And hits from the Commodores where he started his career, three times a lady, ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ HELLO will arrive in Israel on Radio City Hall in New York for two consecutive evenings and perform at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Richie will also appear as a special guest of Stevie Wonder at the British Summer Time Festival in London.
  88. Moshe Peretz Live September 2019 – Moshe Peretz Live (9/5/2019) - Singer and creator Moshe Peretz continues the summer tour and comes to conquer the stage of Caesarea Amphitheater with the best hits. In light of the tremendous success of the summer show, Peretz is going on another exciting show at the Caesarea empire, which includes his new songs from this year’s new album with the best of Moshe Peretz’s favorite songs and this time, among the songs. The show is a unique, joyous, empowering show and an author that will not leave a dry eye and bring joy to everyone in the audience.
  89. Mozart's Surprise Box September 2019 – Mozart’s Surprise Box (9/2/2019) - Two young sisters embark on a magical journey through a forest in which they eventually discover the world of classical music in general and the magical characters from Mozart's operas in particular. Arias and duets from Mozart's beloved operas are performed in Hebrew in this special program of discovery of the power of music and its beauty.
  90. Nearby Music #5 September 2019 – Nearby Music #5 (9/4/2019) - The Shapirai Concert Line Nearby Music enters a steady pace of one month a month in an intimate atmosphere! Starting The Habit With TM Street Band Composer and composer and multi-instrumentalist Tal Messiah, who lives and works in New York, arrives in Shapira with an instrumental performance that includes trombone, harmonica and alto-sex. The band, which regularly performs at prominent New York jazz and world music centers, will bring the Gypsy-Latin vibe to the neighborhood, combining old Israeli folklore with funk, jazz and blues.
  91. Opera on the Square September 2019 – Opera on the Square (9/4/2019) - On 7.9, we will begin the “Viva Italia” show – the great Italian composers Verdi and Puccini will meet the wonderful Neapolitan songs like O SOLE MIO and back in Sorrento. And on the 14.9, the show continues with “from opera to musical” – songs from favorite musicals such as My Fair Lady, The Suburban Story, The Phantom of the Opera and The Misery of Life, combined with familiar and beloved opera hits. And at the end of the 21.9, the “Love in Paris” show is closed – Paris City of Lights, City of Love and Pain. A journey from the La Traviata opera La Boheme that drew their inspiration from Paris. To the exciting, painful and sensual chansons.
  92. Orlando September 2019 – Orlando (9/2/2019) - Orlando opera from George Friedrich Handel, performed by the Israel Camerata Orchestra Jerusalem in Hebrew, but in Hebrew subtitles.
  93. Queen of Sheba September 2019 – Queen of Sheba (9/1/2019) - The State Opera House of Hungary (founded in 1884) will arrive in Israel for the first time with Queen of Sheba, the immortal opera of the Hungarian Jewish composer Karl Goldmark, to the libretto of Salomon Hermann Mosenthal. A story about love and disappointment, desire and death in the court of King Solomon in Jerusalem and at the Judean Desert. A Late 19th century opera - presents impressive romantic and dramatic music.
  94. TERRA IN THE PARK #2 September 2019 – TERRA IN THE PARK #2 (9/1/2019) - We love you in the heart of a blooming park, trees, grass, music and a lot of friends, we meet to dance life, with a fairy tale legends and an incomparable atmosphere. Leave the cynicism at home, dancing!
  95. TEWJE - Ballett Theater Basel September 2019 – TEWJE – Ballett Theater Basel (9/2/2019) - The moving story of Tewje the Milkman, his suffering, and the love aches of his family. For the first time, in modern dance interpretation and original music with the participation of Kolsimcha Quintet, Switzerland.
  96. THE DIRE STRAITS EXPERIENCE September 2019 – THE DIRE STRAITS EXPERIENCE (9/1/2019) - The band Strangers Experience was founded by saxophonist Chris White who played and recorded with Teny Straits for a decade and took part in their worldwide tour of the album “Brothers In Arms”, which included live shows on Live Aid broadcasted around the world and on Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday, recorded on their last album On Every And the two-year-old world tour followed by the growing demand for a live performance of the band’s songs after it disintegrated led to a 2011 charity event at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where Alan Clark, Chris White and Phil Palmer joined together on the stage. The Great Hits The greatness they won led to a round of 150 performances in 25 countries.
  97. The Dynamites Live @ Hoodna September 2019 – The Dynamites Live @ Hoodna (9/11/2019) - After long-distance destinations from Tel Aviv / Jaffa, the Mediterranean surf sensation returns to the Mediterranean city, in the new and up-to- date composition for electric rocking. Then the band will take a break new hits “Uzi candles”, “in # 2” and “Jungreis bop” concert start time
  98. Volvo VSounds 2019 September 2019 – Volvo VSounds 2019 (9/5/2019) - The mighty Volvo VSounds Festival with the hottest artists in Israel – and this weekend, on September 20, Friday, the artists will step up to the five most clubs Cool in Tel Aviv with special performances for the festival, crazy music and full of good vibes! You are ready for another sixth you will never forget the destinations all within walking distance of each other!
  99. Opera in the Park September 2020 – Opera in the Park (9/13/2019) - Opera in the park is back! The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and the Israeli Opera are proud to present “Nabucco” – the favorite opera by Giuseppe Verdi. “Nabucco” tells the story of the destruction of Jerusalem and the First Temple by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon (Nabucco), and the attempts of the Jewish people to stop the tragedy. She describes the destruction of the Temple by Nabucco’s troops, and follows the desire of the Israelites in the Babylonian exile to live a life of freedom in their homeland again. It is no wonder that the singing of the opera choir in the opera soon became Italy’s unofficial anthem, and to this day it is considered one of the most patriotic pleasures in Italian history, and one of the most beautiful in the opera choral repertoire in general.
  100. Cinderella September/October 2019 – Cinderella (9/1/2019) - The beloved fairytale about Cinderella who rises from the cinders to become a beautiful princess in spite of the fact that her two ugly step sisters will do anything in their power to destroy her. In Rossini's operatic version there is no fairy godmother but there is a charming magician who helps Cinderella win the love of her prince charming.


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