Classical Music in Israel

day-tours  GIFThe Israel Philharmonic, one of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, is based in Tel Aviv at the Performing Arts Center. The neighboring Tel Aviv Museum of Art also hosts regular chamber music concerts and other classical events in its Recanati Hall. Smaller venues include the Felicia Blumenthal Center and Einav Cultural Center, both of which host local and international classical musicians. In the village of Ein Kerem near Jerusalem, young musicians give free recitals of chamber music every Friday at noon from October to May at the Fountain of the Virgin in the Targ Center.

  1. Akko Opera Festival – Julius Caesar – July 2016 (9/7/2016) - Julius Cesar arrives to Egypt where he finds himself in the midst of a Game of Thrones episode between Cleopatra and her brother Tolomeo. Blood, sex and political manipulations in one of the greatest operas of the baroque.
  2. Amirim near Mountain Meron – The Battle between Fruit and Wine (10/7/2016) - West of Tsfat, antenna-topped Mt Meron (1204m), Israel’s second-tallest peak (after Mt Hermon), looms over the Dalton Plateau and scattered Jewish, Druze and Arab villages. Until recently, the area was planted with deciduous fruit trees such as pear and apple, but more and more land is being given over to grapevines for the thriving wineries of Ramat Dalton, sometimes called (with some exaggeration) the ‘Israeli Napa Valley’ or ‘Israel’s Tuscany’. Oh, one word of warning! This is the 'land of the not-meat eating communities'.
  3. Armin Only — Embrace Armin Only — Embrace!!!!!! September 2016 (1/7/2016) - After over a decade of regular appearances in Israel, world famous DJ and producer Armin van Buuren is finally bringing his massive Armin Only mega-event to Jerusalem’s Payis Arena on September 29, 2016.
  4. Bejart Ballet Lausanne Bejart Ballet Lausanne – October 2016 (9/6/2016) - Two programs presented by one of the best dance companies around the world. The Bolero is one of Bejart’s all time masterpieces and Ballet for Life was created to commemorate the untimely death of Freddie Mercury, Jorge Donn (a dancer in the Bejart company) and designer Gianni Versace, all of whom died too young for love.
  5. Classical Music in Israel (9/28/2016) - The Israel Philharmonic, one of the world’s most prestigious orchestras, is based in Tel Aviv at the Performing Arts Center. The neighboring Tel Aviv Museum of Art also hosts regular chamber music concerts and other classical events in its Recanati Hall. Smaller venues include the Felicia Blumenthal Center and Einav Cultural Center, both of which host local and international classical musicians. In the village of Ein Kerem near Jerusalem, young musicians give free recitals of chamber music every Friday at noon from October to May at the Fountain of the Virgin in the Targ Center.
  6. Clubbing in Tel Aviv (9/5/2016) - The Tel Aviv club scene is comparable to those in most European capitals. Top international (and local) DJs regularly perform in Tel Aviv, with clubs constantly vying to outdo each other with ever more extravagant parties. Be aware, Clubbing in Tel Aviv is popular, busy and exciting.
  7. James Judd, conductor (Great Britain) Concert NO.1 – Symphony No. 9 (From the New World) – September 2016 (1/7/2016) - Copland - Appalachian Spring, Gronich - Mosaic for 3 clarinets and strings, Dvorak - Symphony No. 9 (From the New World). The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion
  8. Countess Maritza – June 2017 (9/7/2016) - Countess Mariza is one of the most beloved operettas in the repertoire. A tale of mistaken identities, love and despair, white lies and a lot of bubbling Hungarian melodies. The operetta wizards from Budapest return to Israel with a production full of pure operetta delights.
  9. Culture Square (8/21/2016) - Tel Aviv is Israel’s culture city. Most of the museums, orchestras, theaters, art galleries, dance venues and music halls come with an entry fee, however. To get a taste of the city’s arts scene, head over to Culture Square at the end of Rothschild Boulevard.
  10. Eifman Ballet Eifman Ballet – October 2016 (9/6/2016) - Boris Eifman and his exceptional dancers return once again to the Opera House with two programs that have won accolades and acclaim in Israel and abroad: Red Giselle, Eifman’s own modern version of the classic Giselle ballet and Tender is the Night , which was enthusiastically received here in the company’s most recent visit.
  11. Eilat’s Isrotel Theater (8/15/2016) - Eilat's Isrotel Theater is a magnificent theater that hosts performances every evening. The Isrotel Theater hosts the famous and spectacular show - WOW that combines acrobatics, dancers and artists from around the world. WOW created by the famous Israeli artist Hanoch Rosen, and is one of the most popular attractions in the city of Eilat, you simply should not miss it.
  12. Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2016 Entertainment in Israel (9/28/2016) - Many say that there is not enough entertainment in Israel. Is that so? Israel has its theaters, concert halls and cinematheque in Jerusalem (high culture), but in Tel Aviv are the bigger entertainment centers (popular culture). In Jerusalem they pray, in Haifa they work, in Tel Aviv they play. In this article I describe entertainment in Israel and where to find it.
  13. Eyal Golan Concert – November 2016 (9/6/2016) - After being reported as having the highest income of ALL Israeli singers in the year 2011, you can be sure that Eyal Golan is one of the best singers this country has ever seen. Famous for his Eastern style music (In Hebrew: Mizrahit), Eyal Golan is considered to be the top singer of this genre. Eyal Golan even had his own TV Reality Show “Eyal Golan Is Calling You” in 2011, where he was looking for the next star in the Mizrahit genre.
  14. Faust Faust (9/7/2016) - The ageing scholar Faust signs a pact with the devil and regains his youth. But such deals can never end happily and the price Faust has to pay cannot be measured in gold as we reveal in this grand French opera which is based on Goethe’s novel.
  15. Feast of Tabernacles 2016 Feast of Tabernacles 2016 – October 2016 (9/8/2016) - Sukkot, the Feast of Booths, was special in that historically, it was the holiday on which all nations pilgrimaged to Jerusalem, not just the Jewish people. For the past 33 years, thousands of Christians from around the world come to Jerusalem every fall to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.
  16. ANOMALIE LIVE - FULL BAND LL 26.2 LL BARBY February 2019 – ANOMALIE (LIVE / FULL BAND) LL 26.2 LL BARBY (2/13/2019) - Tue 26 February 2019 | 8:30 pm – 11:30 pm Barby – Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv, 135 NIS The electronic jazz prodigy “Anomaly” comes for one performance at Barby! Anomaly is the jazz / punk project of producer and keyboard player from Montreal Canada – Nicholas Dopius. Nicholas is only 22, but 17 years ofContinue reading "February 2019 – ANOMALIE (LIVE / FULL BAND) LL 26.2 LL BARBY"
  17. ELDJEY LIVE FULL CONCERT – FIRST TIME IN ISRAEL February 2019 – ELDJEY LIVE FULL CONCERT – FIRST TIME IN ISRAEL (2/13/2019) - Eljay is a young talent in rap get-together, the one who for several years has gone from hundreds of likes under amateur video clips to millions of fans in concert halls and popular far beyond the borders of his country!
  18. MANOWAR 2019 FINAL BATTLE TOUR February 2019 – MANOWAR 2019 FINAL BATTLE TOUR (2/13/2019) - The veteran American heavy rock band Manowar, one of the most recognized and important in the genre, has announced that it will arrive in Israel for one concert on February 25, 2019 at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv. 
  19. TRIBAL WINTER FESTIVAL 2019 February 2019 – TRIBAL WINTER FESTIVAL 2019 (2/11/2019) - Prepare for a weekend filled with music, art, spirituality, meditation, connection, love, and growth. We know that everyone has different musical tastes, so we have a little something for everyone 😉 – Rock, Jam, Psychedelic, Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Trance, Techno and so much more!
  20. Festival BeShekel 2016 Festival BeShekel 2016 – Two days for Free – October 2016 (9/6/2016) - Thousands of people descend on Monfort Lake Park in North Israel for a free 2-day festival. Founded in 2001, famous bands like Nechi Nech, Yemen Blues, and Yuval Dayan, perform alongside smaller local bands. There are also loads of events for the family, including shows, face painting, stalls, and lots of other activities.
  21. From Opera to Musical From Opera to Musical – March 2017 (9/7/2016) - From Opera to The Phantom of the Opera. A program full of arias from popular operas and excerpts from some of the greatest musicals of all time including The Phantom of the Opera.
  22. Gan ha’Em or the Mother’s Park in Haifa (8/18/2016) - Gan Ha'em offers a corner of green piece of nature in the heart of Carmel Center. In 1913 a garden was set up in Haifa, consequently called Gan Ha'em (Mother's garden) with vast lawns offering you a place of serenity and calm right in the center of town, unless arriving on an evening a performance is held. A garden for the mother and the entire family.
  23. Guys and Dolls Guys and Dolls – September 2016 (1/7/2016) - A production the the Chichester Festival Theater, England 2016 Illegal gambling in the world of gangsters and gamblers in the night clubs of New York and Havana. A great musical with sizzling melodies featuring two magical improbable love stories that conquer all obstacles. One of the most dazzling American musicals of all time in a sweeping production with dazzling choreography with over 40 performers on stage.
  24. Hamshushalayim Winter Festival 2016 Hamshushalayim Winter Festival 2016, December 2016 (9/8/2016) - Every weekend in December is a celebration throughout Jerusalem. People come together, from artists to tour operators, to offer visitors to the city a rich cultural experience. Enjoy the special concerts, plays, dance performances and exhibitions. Hamshushalayim, is Jerusalem’s annual winter festival. It takes place over four consecutive weekends (Thursday to Saturday) and it is sure to keep you warm this winter.
  25. Hanukkah Blues Festival in Jerusalem 2016 Hanukkah Blues Festival in Jerusalem 2016 – December 2016 (9/8/2016) - Last year, Jerusalem hosted the first ever Hanukkah Blues Festival with an all-star lineup of Israeli and international musicians. Stay tuned for more information about next year’s festival.
  26. Hänsel and Gretel Hänsel and Gretel – Oct and Nov 2016 (9/7/2016) - The young siblings who are lost in the darkness of the forest encounter the sumptuous candy house of the witch who loves to eat children for her dinner. But the smart children outwit the witch and get to reunite with their concerned parents. All's well that ends well. A magical production in Hebrew.
  27. Hullegeb Israel-Ethiopian Arts Festival 2016 Hullegeb Israel-Ethiopian Arts Festival 2016, December 2016 (9/8/2016) - The Hullegeb Israel-Ethiopian Arts Festival, which takes place annually in December in Jerusalem, is dedicated to creations by artists of Ethiopian origin in the fields of dance, music and theater. This unique outlet for the Ethiopian Israeli community reflects the depth and variety of their culture – from traditional to contemporary. Its dialogue with the surrounding Israeli culture can be seen in the wide range of performances presented at the festival along with its minor influences from Western and African art. This celebration of Israeli Ethiopian arts is a bridge between new and old and the Ethiopian and the general Israeli communities.
  28. Hutzot Hayotzer Artists Colony (8/20/2016) - Two years after the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, a no-man’s land between the New and Old City of Jerusalem was transformed into an artist’s colony. It contains studios and galleries of 24 carefully selected Israeli artists creating in both traditional and contemporary styles in the diverse art fields of Painting, Sculpture, Calligraphy, Tapestry, Leather, Ceramics, Judaica and Jewelry.
  29. InDNegev Music Festival 2016 – October 2016 (9/6/2016) - InDNegev is a huge three-day live-music extravaganza with over 100 live shows from Israel’s top up-and-coming bands. Nicknamed IndieNegev, a lot of the groups are Indie, but there is a wide spectrum of other genres too. 2015’s line-up includes the Kutiman Orchestra, Tatran, Photoaxis, Tiny Fingers, Red Axes, The Lucille Crew, and many more. InDNegev was founded in 2007 and is held annually around mid-October time at Mitzpe Gvulot in the Negev.
  30. Jerusalem Jazz Festival 2016 Jerusalem Jazz Festival 2016 – December 2016 (9/8/2016) - While Jerusalem typically flies under the radar when it comes to music, it is home to a thriving jazz scene of accomplished musicians and avid fans of the genre.Last year’s inaugural festival featured some of the biggest talent in Israel and from around the world playing intimate shows at the Israel Museum and Yellow Submarine.
  31. Jerusalem Opera Festival – Nabucco – June 2017 (9/7/2016) - Verdi's "Jewish" opera showcases King Nebuchadnezzar who destroys the temple in Jerusalem and exiles the Israelites to Babylon where they sing the immortal slave chorus this time at the Sultan's Pool in Jerusalem.
  32. Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2016 Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival 2016 – September 2016 (1/7/2016) - Musicians of a myriad of religions from the four corners of the world gather once a year in Jerusalem for a pilgrimage of peace, tolerance and brotherhood and for four days of performances that will make you stop and ponder, have you dancing wildly, enlighten you and make your heart soar.
  33. Jessica Lang Dance Jessica Lang Dance – April 2017 (9/7/2016) - Hailed “a master of visual composition” Jessica Lang seamlessly incorporates striking design elements and transforms classical ballet language into artfully crafted, emotionally engaging contemporary work. Lang challenges the collaborative process and excels in her unconventional collaborations.
  34. Kyle Eastwood Quintet, Jazz – March 2017 (9/7/2016) - Renowned bass player and composer Kyle Eastwood has composed music to some of the famous movies his father Clint has directed including Mystic River and A Million Dollar Baby. His music combines the jazz he grew up on with pop, rock and funk. He leads his exciting quintet in an evening of fusion from the movies.
  35. La forza del destino, May 2017 (9/7/2016) - The wheels of destiny turn fast in this tale of murder, revenge and destruction. One of Verdi’s most popular operas moves quickly from unconditional true love and genuine friendship to fiery spite and bottomless hate.
  36. La Gazzetta – March/April 2017 (9/7/2016) - For the first time in Israel - a delightful Rossini comedy in a colorful production presented by the Royal Opera of Wallonie from Liege. Sweeping Rossini melodies with a multitude of characters searching for true love in a Parisian hotel where all is acceptable in this game of love.
  37. Lucia di Lammermoor (9/7/2016) - Lucia loves Edgardo but her brother forces her to wed Arturo. Lucia obeys yet transforms her wedding night into a feast of murder and a mad scene full with mesmerizing coloraturas.
  38. Lucille Crew, international Groove band from Tel Aviv – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - Lucille Crew is an international Groove band from Tel Aviv influenced by Hip Hop, Funk and Soul music. Since they are local Israelis, Lucille Crew combines Mediterranean factors within their music.
  39. Madame Butterfly in Park HaYarkon Tel Aviv for free! – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - Let’s end the summer on a high dramatic note with the Israeli Opera! A performance of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly will take place on Thursday, September 15th in Park HaYarkon – admission FREE!
  40. Madamma Butterfly – July 2017 (9/7/2016) - Anthony Minghella's (Oscar winner for The English Patient) Olivier Award winner production of Puccini's poignant tale of love and honor reaches the Israeli Opera. The young Butterfly learns to face pain and the loss of her honor as the man she loves disappears after he leaves her pregnant with his child.
  41. Malandain Ballet Biarritz – Cinderella – February 2017 (9/7/2016) - After the great success of Magifique , Malandain Ballet Biarritz returns to Israel with it’s magical Cendrillon , a tragic and sometimes comical journey of a dancing star to accomplishment, passing through doubt, denial, pain and hope. Through this vision, made of ashes and magic, love is born, flourishes and overcomes the obstacles thrown up in its path to finally make a dream come true.
  42. v March 2019 – FATTAL ROCK FESTIVAL (2/12/2019) - Fattal Rock Festival 7 is underway! Thursday night: Nechi Nech hosts Carolina. Omer Adam hosts Marina Maximilian. Friday afternoon: Teapacks host Eliad Nahum. Friday night: Avraham Tal hosts Keren Peles. Rami Fortis hosts Hadag Nachash and Dudu Tessa. Saturday afternoon: Neta Barzilai. Ethnix.
  43. JESSE ROYAL [JA] & STYLO G [UK] – PURIM FEST REGGAE AND DANCEHALL March 2019 – JESSE ROYAL [JA] & STYLO G [UK] – PURIM FEST REGGAE AND DANCEHALL (2/13/2019) - Reggae and Dancehall Carnival in a festive Purim edition! Hosts 2 giants from Jamaica and England. Stylo G & Jesse Royal (First time in Israel!) – JAMAICA / UK
  44. MIKE SHINODA ✦ 25.3.19 ✦ HANGAR 11 TLV March 2019 – MIKE SHINODA ✦ 25.3.19 ✦ HANGAR 11 TLV (2/13/2019) - Shinoda is a songwriter, producer and graphic artist who is responsible for some of Linkin’s album covers. In 2005, he released a solo album under the name “Fort Minor”, which reached fourth place in the album charts for the same year. The album was already praised by Variety, Rolling Stone Magazine, The New York Times , NME and more.
  45. Mashina for your Israeli Rock Music – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - Considered to be the most important and influential rock band ever, Mashina started rocking out at 1984, and broke their band 11 years later, 1995. When they announced their return, on 2003, Israeli old­school­rock lovers were ecstatic. This band of “old people” is carrying it’s tune and performing till this very day, proving to us all that age is just a number.
  46. Jerusalem Day 2019 May 2019 – Jerusalem Day 2019 (2/7/2019) - Jerusalem Day is the day we celebrate the independence of the holy city, celebrations include huge parties, concerts, street parties and more! To get an idea of what Jerusalem Day looks like, check out last year’s list of events
  47. Musrara Band Musrara Band – September 2016 (1/8/2016) - Musrara is a Jerusalemite rock band with both a social and a musical agenda. The band was founded by siblings Ofer, Bonnie (Mazar), & Roie Greenberg. They perform original music that combines love songs, protest songs, and songs about life experiences. The band is named after the iconic Jerusalem neighborhood whose residents took to the streets in the early seventies, under the leadership of the Black Panthers, and changed the social and political reality in Israel.
  48. Neverland Electronic Music Festival 2016 Neverland Electronic Music Festival 2016 – October 2016 (9/6/2016) - A massive 24-hour non-stop electronic music festival, Neverland is Groove Attack’s premier annual festival. Founded in 2011, the event is spread across three dance floors featuring top DJs from Israel and abroad. The festival is held on the banks of the Jordan River is North Israel, with camping and entrance for 23+. Groove Attack has several other festivals throughout the year, for example Aliens Attack (in May), Heatwave (in August), and the TIP Festival (at Purim).
  49. Norma – Nov/Dec 2016 (9/7/2016) - The Druid high priestess gives birth secretly to two children and when the secret is revealed, her crime has to be punished by death. Bellini’s beautiful bel canto opera examines the power of love and self sacrifice with haunting melodies.
  50. Opera at Masada 2016 – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - Taking place in one of the most historical monuments of Israel, Masada, The Opera Festival is truly the dramatic event of the year. With over 4,000 tourist coming over to take part in this festival every year, many Israelis travel to Masada to be a part of it as well. And though Israel is not known for it’s amazing Opera singers, we definitely aim there, with more than 200 schools in Israel sending representatives (Kids) to take part in this joyous occasion.
  51. Opera in Israel (9/28/2016) - Tel Aviv’s Performing Arts Center is home to the New Israeli Opera, a world-class company, which puts on four or five new productions a year. The center also frequently hosts visiting productions from Europe and America.
  52. Piano Festival Tel Aviv 2016 – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - The Piano Festival is an annual event held at the Tel Aviv Museum, bringing together performances from over 150 top Israeli and international pianists.
  53. Piyyut Festival 2016 Piyyut Festival 2016 – October 2016 (9/8/2016) - The Piyyut Festival (Piyut Festival) celebrates the beauty and the many origins of Jewish liturgical music and psalms. Wonderful musicians, including cantors, continue the tradition of Jewish music and the ancient legacy of liturgy that has been preserved for generations through prayer books and community vocalists. The festival’s aim is to add to the tradition and innovation of the language, culture and spirituality of Jewish liturgy which has its presence in both Ashkenazi and Sephardic tradition.
  54. Puccini Heroines Puccini Heroines – October 2016 (9/7/2016) - Tosca, Butterfly, Liu, Mimi, Manon and all Puccini love stricken heroines do all they can to savor their love but all end up lifeless as the curtain descends.
  55. Queen + Adam Lambert in Tel Aviv – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - Queen is coming to Israel in September with John Deacon! – but they still have all the classic songs, one of the best drummers ever (Roger Taylor), one of the best guitarists ever (Brian May of course), and flamboyant American Idol star Adam Lambert trying his hardest to impersonate Freddie Mercury.
  56. Rachelle Ferrell Rachelle Ferrell Jazz, May 2017 (9/7/2016) - One of the most dynamic creators in the current international music scene. Integrating in her enormous voice various musical genres: classical, pop, jazz and soul. This is her first performance in Israel.
  57. Ricky Martin in Tel Aviv! – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - One of the most famous Latino artists in the World is coming to Tel Aviv in September for a special concert at the Nokia Arena, as part of his One World Tour!
  58. Riff Cohen – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - With 4 singles and 1 Album, Riff Cohen is an energy magnet on stage and watching a live performance of her’s is highly recommended. Riff Cohen started her musical career back in 2008, while being only 24 years old. Born and raised in tel Aviv, she got her big break by being the opening act for the Red Hot Chilly Peppers concert in October of 2012. With 4 singles and 1 Album, Riff Cohen is an energy magnet on stage and watching a live performance of her’s is highly recommended.
  59. Russian Soul – May 2017 (9/7/2016) - The music which was born in the vast landscape of the Russian countryside projects the yearning to the big cities in the center of this huge land. Popular folk songs, weeping romances and arias from popular operas by Tchaikovsky (Yevgeni Onegin) and Rimsky-Korsakov The Tsar's Bride).
  60. Shalom Hanoch – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - Considered to be the father of Israeli rock music, Shalom Hanoch was greatly influenced by the American Rock’N’Roll. In 1967 he was discovered by the late Arik Einstein and 3 years later they partnered up­ officially launching Shalom Hanoch’s music career. “Arba Tachanot” (Four Stations), was Shalom Hanoch’s latest concert, where he featured the four stations of his musical career on one stage. The concert was considered a huge success due to both Hanoch’s amazing talent and having Israeli rock stars to guest­ing with him on stage.
  61. Shaon Horef – Cultural Festival 2017 Shaon Horef – Cultural Festival 2017 – February 2017 (9/8/2016) - Every year, for 4 weeks in February, the Shaon Horef Cultural Festival transforms the streets of Jerusalem into a lively cultural venue full of surprises as thousands of young people come together for this exciting series of cultural happenings with more then 100 free events.
  62. Sounds of the Old City 2017 – March 2017 (9/8/2016) - Sounds of the Old City is a festival of international music inspired by the Old City quarters which are a focal point of Jerusalem’s culture and tourism. It allows visitors the exposure to the musical traditions found in the Old City of Jerusalem where special melodies both ancient and modern, played on a range of instruments and ensembles, create a collage of beautiful music.
  63. Spanish Rhythm – July 2017 (9/7/2016) - Spanish dance rhythms and fiery gypsy music in a program featuring excerpts from Bizet’s Carmen and more Spanish delights including traditional Ladino songs.
  64. Tamar Festival 2016 Tamar Festival 2016 with Idan Raichel Project, Balkan Beat Box, Asaf Avidan, Mosh Ben Ari, and Ehud Banai – October 2016 (9/6/2016) - A five-day celebration of some of Israel’s most loved musicians, 2015’s lineup includes The Idan Raichel Project, Balkan Beat Box, Asaf Avidan, Mosh Ben Ari, and Ehud Banai. Founded in 2000, the Tamar Festival is usually held during Succot at venues around Massada. The main concerts are in the evening and at sunrise. There are spaces to set up tents (and also lots of local hotels and hostels), but you need to get individual tickets for each event. If you want to experience a beautiful part of Israel, and top Israeli musicians, this is a great way of doing it!
  65. Tel Aviv Blues Festival Winter Acoustic Edition Tel Aviv Blues Festival – Winter Acoustic Edition – December 2016 (9/6/2016) - The Tel Aviv Blues Festival Winter Acoustic Edition is a new add-on to the Summer version, this is the second Tel Aviv Blues Festival,the first was held in July 2015 and was enjoyed by over 6,000 people.
  66. The Apples for your Jazz, Groove and Funk Music – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - If you are into the combination of Jazz, Groove and Funk, The Apples is the band you should be listening to. Started making music at 2002, The Apples currently take pride in 4 albums and an audience addicted to their special music. Having recently collaborated with Trombone player Fred Wesley, The Apples are truly a band to go check out live.
  67. The Chemical Brothers – English Electronic Music Concert – November 2016 (9/6/2016) - The Chemical Brothers are an English electronic music duo composed of Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, originating in Manchester in 1989. Along with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, and fellow acts, they were pioneers at bringing the big beat genre to the forefront of pop culture. In the UK, they have had six number one albums and 13 top 20 singles, including two number ones.
  68. The Idan Raichel Project – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - The Idan Raichel Project are a favourite of Olim Chadashim. Making their big break at 2003 with their song Bo’ee (Come here), The Idan Raichel Project are combining the Ethiopian language (Singing parts of their songs in Amharic) in their songs. Led by keyboardist Idan Raichel, almost every song they wrote made it to the top 10 in main radio stations in Israel. At 2006 The Idan Raichel Project took it upon themselves to promote a message of love and unity throughout their music around the world.
  69. The Magic Flute – Sep/Oct 2016 (9/7/2016) - Papageno the bird catcher embarks on a perilous journey to find princess Pamina and return her to prince Tamino who lovers her and waits for her. On his journey he will encounter the Queen of the Night and her three ladies and at the end of the day will also find love. Mozart's beloved opera in a special version for the entire family with colorful costumes.
  70. Omer Avital Quintet The Omer Avital Quintet Jazz – January 2017 (9/7/2016) - Israeli-international composer and bassist Omer Avital, a virtuoso musician who was named “the Israeli Charlie Mingus”, in a festive concert celebrating 25 years of international performances with his new quintet and special guests.
  71. The Opera at Zappa - Moscow, New York, Paris and Tel Aviv The Opera at Zappa – Moscow, New York, Paris and Tel Aviv – November 2016 (9/7/2016) - An evening of romantic songs about the most beautiful places on planet earth. From Jerusalem to Paris, from Moscow to New York with Naples and Tel Aviv on the way. Beautiful songs about beautiful places in our homeland and all over the world including some places that can be reached only through our imagination.
  72. The Opera at Zappa – My Way – January 2017 (9/7/2016) - A homage to one of the greatest singers of all time who captivated audiences all over the world with his beloved songs and the music of the 50s. Night and Day, New York, New York, Strangers in the Night, September, The Lady is a Tramp
  73. The Opera at Zappa - Pretty Woman The Opera at Zappa – Pretty Woman – September 2016 (1/7/2016) - Opera and movies is a winning combination. From Pretty Woman to The Fifth Element, from James Bond to Mission Impossible opera has served as a great soundtrack for the great movies of all time. An evening of operatic soundtracks from La boheme to La traviata with an addition of great film songs from Goldfinger, Breakfast at Tiffnay’s and more.
  74. The Opera at Zappa - Sings Michael Jackson The Opera at Zappa – Sings Michael Jackson – October 2016 (9/7/2016) - The man and the legend. The King of Pop is considered one of the greatest musicians on the USA whose songs have influenced scores of pop, rock, hip-hop and other singers through the years. Israeli Opera singers celebrate the legacy of Jackson with his greatest hits.
  75. The Opera at Zappa - The Opera Sings The Beatles The Opera at Zappa – The Opera Sings The Beatles – December 2016 (9/7/2016) - The greatest songs of The Beatles come alive in this full of energy evening that always have the audience cheering for more. When I am 64, Let It be & Eleanor Rigbey.
  76. The Tour from Hell (10/1/2016) - This tour was the tour from hell ... for me. For the group absolutely not, because they had loads of fun, costing me my hair of course. We are talking about a tour, which shows what Israel actually is, a mixture of culture, adventure, exploration and Israeli sights in all the major touristic centers of Israel. This article is part of the Tour Guide Diaries September 2016.
  77. The World of Victor Hugo – January 2017 (9/7/2016) - From Rigoletto to Les Misérables. Music of hope and love, lust and despair, freedom and joy featuring excerpts from Verdi’s Rigoletto and from the musical Les Misérables.
  78. Timna Opera Festival - Samson et Dalila Timna Opera Festival – Samson et Dalila – 2017 (9/7/2016) - The classic biblical story of the Israeli hero Samson and the sensational beautiful Philistine Dalila reaches Timna in a new larger than life production.
  79. Tiny Fingers for your Psychedelic, Groove, Electronica, Post­Rock Music (9/5/2016) - Psychedelic, Groove, Electronica, Post­Rock… You name it­ Tiny Fingers can play it. Their energetic live performances will make you sweat even in the winter, as their madness on stage is contagious and the crowd just can’t stop moving and dancing with them. After having toured Europe and performed in New York City­ there’s just nothing stopping them from “bringing it” for many more years to come.
  80. Tuna, Israeli Rapper Music – October 2016 (9/6/2016) - With his smashing new hit Gam Ze Ya’avor (This will also pass), Itay “Tuna” Zvulun is rapping about losing his girlfriend, while taking his video viewers to a trip down memory lane… This Rapper, that reminded us all why the 90’s were awesome, has been in the music industry for 15 years, but only now, at the age of 30, with his new hit, getting the spotlight he deserves.
  81. Unity Rising Spirit Festival 2016 for your House, Techno & Electronic Music – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - Get ready for 30 hours of house, techno and electronic music at Luna Gal water park on the banks of the Kinneret in Northern Israel. A new addition to the Festival scene, the Unity Rising Spirit Festival was founded in 2014 and plans to be an annual event around Rosh Hashanah time. The festival brings in over 30 top DJs from Israel and abroad, and there is space for people to pitch up tents. 21+.
  82. Yehuda Poliker – September 2016 (1/5/2016) - Most known for his memorial songs Perah (Flower) and KSheTigdal (When you grow up), Yehuda Poliker grew up with a Holocaust survivor for a father. Originally from Greece, Yehuda Poliker, was awarded (September, 2014) the “Phoenix Golden Medal” by the president of Greece himself for his efforts to empower Greek music within the Israeli culture.

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