Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival – June 2017

Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival

Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival was founded by the students of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television in order to promote academic artistry here and across the globe. Today, the festival is considered the greatest of its kind and it is one of the top three in its field. The festival is a non-profit organization and is produced and managed by volunteer students filled with passion for the art of film. The festival is characterized by young, fresh energy that distinguishes it from all other cultural events that take place here and around the world.

Single Ticket – 30 nis (Purchasing on ticket office or phone – 33 nis)
Three Tickets Pass – 75 nis
Five Tickets Pass – 110 nis

Tel-Aviv Cinematheque Website
Tel Aviv Cinematheque Ticket Office 8:30-22:00
Phone : +972 (0)3-6060800, ext. 0

Festival Center
Tel-Aviv Cinematheque
2 Shprinzak Street, Tel-Aviv (Ha’Arbaa Corner) (map).
Festival Office
Film and Television Department
Tel-Aviv University
Mexico Building, Room 20
Phone : +972 (0)3- 640-9936
Fax: +972 (0)3-640-9935
For Additional Information

The festival is a long-time running cultural event, one that bears much significance on the film industry in Israel and it is the largest get-together of film students from across the world reaching all Israeli regions. What stands out the most about the festival is the number of films and schools that take part in it: 200 films from over 70 films schools from all over the world, the famous filmmakers who attend the festival and the special atmosphere that surrounds it. It is a week filled with young and subversive cinema, fascinating cinematic events, workshops, master classes, conventions, parties and exhibitions.

The festival is the center stage for the Short Film. The international competition displays a panoramic view of the inner world of young filmmakers across the world; the Israeli competition presents the future generation’s up and coming talents and the independent competition introduces films that were done outside of the academic environment.

The Festival is a one of a kind encounter for filmmakers and academics from across the world. Students from 30 different countries arrive to Tel Aviv with their films and stay with Israeli students. Furthermore, the festival hosts leading filmmakers and artists who hold professional master classes and screen their extensive work.

The festival encourages young filmmakers and is known in Israel as the place where the next film making generation in Israel and the world is discovered. This Israeli festival promotes equality, pluralism and multiculturalism through social activities and festive screenings across the country.

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