Tel Aviv SPIRIT Film Festival

SPIRIT Film Festival – November 2016

Films that uplift, enlighten and challenge us. Films that reflect the human spirit, the human existence, and the opportunity to live in peace with our selves, with each other, with the universe. Films that speak from the heart and awake joy, love and compassion within us. The spiritual cinema sheds light on the quest for meaning and inspiration, and has become a prominent trend in the film industry around the world.

Tel Aviv SPIRIT Film Festival is a forum for filmmakers who create films with themes that inspire transformation and personal growth, promote positive global activism and create environmental awareness. It is our goal to create a dialogue about the global issues that impact us all and to amplify the voices of those who need to be heard

All films submitted are required to explore their particular theme in spirituality with intellectual honesty, respect and in a constructive manner that does not attack or degrade the belief system of any other spiritual tradition or institution. We welcome films in every genre and format, short, documentary, art, animation and features to be eligible for consideration.

Non-English language works must have English subtitles.

  • Cinematheque Tel Aviv
  • 2 Shprintzak Street
  • Order by Phone: 03-6060800 Ext 0
  • Purchase on the web:

All entries must include an official 2015 Festival “submission entry form” properly completed and DVD screener copy of the work.

If your work is selected, you will be responsible for delivery of the exhibition format (35mm, BETA (prefer) or DVD) to the Shipping Address (above) by the designated date. The Festival will arrange and cover the cost of the return shipping of your print or video after the conclusion of the Festival.

  • Website.
  • Tel: 972-52-388-8533
  • Fax: 972-9-740-9532


small-butterflySPIRIT Group

Spirit group was established by Lev Tahor organization and D’plus productions house in order to respond to the growing Israeli demand for an alternative in life style, art and culture. The cooperation between the two bodies opens for the public a window to the spiritual content world, and enables everyone to be exposed to a cultural activity with added value to the society we live in.
Spirit group produces the international spiritual film festival, which takes place for the 10th time, in November 2016, in the new Tel-Aviv Cinimatheque, with the cooperation of the city council.

Lev Tahor organization was established at 2001 by Harsita and Anamika Eshel, partners in life and in action. They are SPIRIT film festival’s founders and artistic managers. The organization produces events in Israel and the world that contribute the formation of a conscious, peaceful and harmonic society. Events that constitute a meeting place to a broad and diverse crowd interested in alternative culture, self growth and spiritual development. In Israel they have established the weekly films screening in Tel Aviv Cinematheque “SPIRIT Cinema Circle” and   ” Cinema Nirvana” which introduce  series and other one-time events of alternative lectures with films.


de’Plus production company was established in 1987 by the Ronell brothers, and is considered the leading company in Israel in creating experiences in the field of events and life style. With a strong connection to the leading trends in Israel and the world, creative thinking and communal consciousness, De’plus has its signature on some of the prominent events of the last years in Israel. Side by side with festivals and business events, De’plus constantly acts to promote contemporary culture in Israel.

סינמטק חדשTel Aviv Cinematheque

Israel’s First Art House Cinema, since 1973, it has offered two screens: one for mainstream artistic films, the other for retrospectives and premieres. .In 2012 the Cinematheque opened  it new expended wing and now offer 5 new theaters. Almost every month there is a different festival, among them Doc Aviv documentary festival in March, the IsraeliAcademy awards in late summer and its student film festival. This institute is very much involved in social and political questions of Israeli society. The Cinematheque has allowed the screening of films which have been cast aside by official or social censorship. This organization offers a yearly membership that gives free entrance to all screenings.


Antarctica: A Year on Ice (New Zealand 2014)

Alive Inside (USA 2014)

המוות מאפשר חיים

המסע המקודש של הלב

למצוא את האושר

נזיר עם מצלמה

נע מתוך הריק: חייו ואומנותו של ה- Zen Dude

על מדיטציה

ערות: החיים על פי יוגננדה

ריקוד של חירות

שיר על ארץ חדשה

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