The Seventh Station – HERE Jesus falls for the second time

The way uphill becomes even more difficult. Jesus is weak. He feels again the weight, the pain, the solitude, the humiliation. He prays silently to the Father and tries to move on. He tries not to think, he tries not to feel, he tries to keep moving to avoid at least more lashes from the soldiers or more mocking cheers from those around him. He tries to avoid the pebbles in the pathway as they hurt him under his soles.  See also Via Dolorosa and the Sixth Station.

This is the way how a tour is given! For those, who are interested in a tour (the Way of the Cross), contact Wim. It’s a one-day tour, costing $150 (per group, maximum 30 persons). The content of the tour is here, and the stories behind the Way of the Cross will be much more expanded then it is here presented.

Via Dolorosa, Station VII
Via Dolorosa, Station VII

But in an instant he finds himself again face down on the ground with the cross-beam weighing on the back of his neck.

He tries to get up immediately. He cannot take more lashes, he cannot afford to loose this last part of his battle. Fumbling and trying to shake away the weakness. He almost made it.

The soldier next to him lends him a helping hand. Jesus looks at him and thanks him for this kind gesture. He tries to smile but his jaws hurt and could not even create a facial expression to show the soldier how grateful he was for not receiving yet another blow.

He was repeating the words “let the bones you have crushed rejoice” (Ps. 51,8). The last part of the climb was difficult but he knew he could make it. The soldier patted him on the shoulder to keep moving. And taking a deep breath he moved on.


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