Eilat’s Camel Ranch

Eilat’s Camel Ranch
Eilat’s Camel Ranch

Camel Treks. Cart trips (donkey) in the Eilat Mountains. Rope Park Eilat. Between heaven and earth high above the ground with about 700 meters of routes and 3 degrees of difficulty is our rope park. Map.

Experience Eilat's Mountains
Experience Eilat’s Mountains

We have swings, zip lines, climbing nets, rope bridges and even a high riding bicycle. The park is suited to all from groups of school children up to top army units. No need for any previous experience just the willingness to try something new. The park has been built to high European standards using professional equipment and Is staffed with highly rained instructors.

Experience Eilat's Mountains
Experience Eilat’s Mountains

There are different ways to experience the desert…… We believe that we have a winner with our unique Donkey Cart trips! Our donkey cart trip is an enjoyable family experience. We take a circular route through the Eilat Mountain reserve and make a stop for light refreshment comprising of Bedouin pitot made on a bonfire, lebane cheese , olives , chocolate spread for the youngsters and specially brewed ranch tea.

The trip is suitable for all the family and last for about 1.5 hours. A camel trek is hard to explain in words but we shall try. Imagine quietness, crisp air and a panoramic view. Now imagine the same from the back of a female camel ( why female – explanation to follow) , traveling in a convoy treading softly through the wadis then climbing up through the mountains.

Experience Eilat's Mountains
Experience Eilat’s Mountains

Our first camel treks started in 1987 when we decided, as opposed to the Bedouin, that our camels should be females . The reason being that they are gentler, quieter, smarter, disciplined and a lot more friendly. They also “speak” a lot more but for this we forgive them. (By the way the Ministry of Education has banned the use of male camels for school trips.)

We train our camels just by speaking to them and with a lot of patience even though there are ” other ways” we have found that our way is more effective in the long run and enables a better relationship between camel and guide. Our camels are trained and friendly.

We also make sure they are looked after and fed with a proper diet. After all they are our partners (they even all have female names). There is no need for any previous riding experience. Our camels are stable, tall and friendly and we designed their saddles for maximum comfort. You are invited to choose one of our various treks. Please check the schedule for exact departure times. Our circular treks from the ranch are accompanied by a ranch trained guide. During the trek he will tell you about the camels and the route you are riding.

  • Address: Derekh Nakhal Shlomo, Eilat, 881000
  • Phone: 057-777-2000.
  • Website: camel-ranch.co.il.
  • Winter – 08:30 – 19:00
  • Summer – 08:30 – 13:00 and 15:30 – 21:00.
  • Fee: No fee.


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