Family and Children Tour 12 Days

This is a tour, which is offered to you as it is. It’s or it can be used as a template for your own itinerary or planned tour without money. You can chance what you want or you can take it as it is.

This tour is for families and their children. It will bring you to Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Acre, Sea of Galilee, Golan, Safed, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Qumran, Masada, Negev and Eilat. The tour is designed for the individual, as for groups, with or without a professional guide. The guide can speak English, German, and Dutch.

You will visit the following cities or places in this tour:

  1. Tel Aviv
  2. Caesarea
  3. Acre
  4. Sea of Galilee
  5. Golan
  6. Safed
  7. Jerusalem
  8. Dead Sea
  9. Qumran
  10. Ein Gedi
  11. Masada
  12. Negev
  13. Eilat

Click on More Info or Things to do behind the sigh. Restaurants in the neighborhood of the sights are available in this itinerary each day. Click on Restaurants.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tour will run with a minimum of 8 participants.

And what are we going to do in this tour?

  1. Amusement parks
  2. Boat tours
  3. Botanic gardens
  4. Cable cars
  5. Caves
  6. Cinema
  7. City-bus tour
  8. Dancing
  9. Dolphin beach
  10. Fortresses
  11. Hiking
  12. Kayaking
  13. Luna park
  14. Museums
  15. Music
  16. National Parks
  17. Oasis
  18. Rafting
  19. Scavenger hunts
  20. Shopping
  21. Spa
  22. Swimming
  23. Theater
  24. Water parks
  25. Water tunnels
  26. Zoo

And for sure we forgot to mention something here. And that is not all. Each evening, when you are tired of the day activities, we organize something different.

  1. A boat cruise
  2. A movies evening
  3. A small city tour
  4. Bowling
  5. Cooking
  6. Dancing
  7. Light shows
  8. Promenade wandering
  9. Singing

So far the activities (we let you in rest at night, because we assume you want to sleep). The tour includes:

  • Breakfast (buffet). The breakfast is with your hotel.
  • Lunch. The lunch varies on the day of the tour; mostly a local restaurant, but there are days we bring lunch packages and even picnics with us.
  • Dinner.  We eat in restaurants and barbecues.

When there are requirements of a special diet, please indicate this when you register the tour. There will be no additional costs required for such diets.

Tour itinerary

There are twelve days you spend touring Israel with the family theme for this tour. This tour starts with Tel Aviv and it ends with Eilat. The designers of this tour wanted different aspects integrated here and they succeeded with that. Because we are talking about a family tour, that means actually for this tour one thing: Having fun with your family. And having fun means that everyone will enjoy the tour. So, no boring things, no overly conventional museums, digging sites, another church or desert. No, this tour is a careful combination of fun in several levels from amusement parks to doing something fun yourself. And we are not talking about what this tour will do for the family bonding.

Another thing about this tour. We don’t think that children younger then 8 years old can join this tour. Many of the activities are specially designed for kids eight years and older and teenagers and with kids younger then eight means that one of the family members will be hold back, and that is not fair, not? That said, we have special programs for those younger kids (you need to pay a surcharge for that per family). For details, please contact us and we email you such programs.

Day 1     Arrival – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Promenade
Tel Aviv Promenade
  1. Tel Aviv promenade
  2. Beaches
  3. Evening: Tel Aviv night life
  • Hotel in: Tel Aviv

Day 2     Have Fun in the White City – Tel Aviv

Ramat Gan Safari
Ramat Gan Safari
  1. Ramat Gan Safari
  2. Luna Park
  3. Evening: Tel Aviv Port
  • Hotel in: Tel Aviv

Day 3     From Caesarea via Acre to the Sea of Galilee – Tiberias

Nahal Kziv
Nahal Kziv
  1. Caesarea
  2. Acre
  3. Knights Halls
  4. Al-Jazaar Mosque and The bathhouse (Hamam al-Basha)
  5. Montfort
  6. Rosh Hanikra Grottoes & Cable Car
  7. Nahal Kziv (water nature reserve) (optional)
  8. Evening: Boat trip on Sea of Galilee
  • Hotel in: Tiberias

Day 4     From Sea of Galilee to the Golan and back – Tiberias

Hof Tzemach
Hof Tzemach
  1. Hof Tzemach, water park near Sea of Galilee
  2. Manara Cliff, Cable-car ride, Mountain-slide coaster cars, Rappelling, Zip-line
  3. Mey Kedem Water Tunnel
  4. Katsrin (optional)
  5. Evening: Old-Tiberias city tour
  • Hotel in: Tiberias

Day 5     From the Sea of Galilee via Safed to Jerusalem –    Jerusalem

Bloomfield Science Museum
Bloomfield Science Museum
  1. Safed (artist-colony)
  2. Otzar Hastam (amusement park in Safed)
  3. Sorek (Avshalom) Cave or Bell Cave or Hariton Cave
  4. Bloomfield Science Museum (optional)
  5. Evening: Theater
  • Hotel in: Jerusalem

Day 6     The Exciting Holy City – Jerusalem

Jerusalem Time Elevator Show
Jerusalem Time Elevator Show
  1. Biblical Zoo
  2. Time Elevator
  3. Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
  4. Wohl Rose Garden, Jerusalem (optional)
  5. Evening: City of David (light show)
  • Hotel in: Jerusalem

Day 7     Jerusalem blues – Jerusalem

Mahane Yehuda Market
Mahane Yehuda Market
  1. Yad Vashem and Children’s Memorial
  2. Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Bus 99
  3. Mahane Yehuda Market
  4. Israel Museum and Bible Lands Museum (optional)
  5. Evening: Evening city tour
  • Hotel in: Jerusalem

Day 8     The New Jerusalem – Jerusalem

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt
Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt
  1. Old City Scavenger Hunt
  2. First Railway Station
  3. Haas Promenade
  4. Herzl Museum (optional)
  5. Evening: Cinema City Jerusalem
  • Hotel in: Jerusalem

Day 9     Judean Pleasures in Dust, Water and Flowers – Dead Sea area

Dead Sea
Dead Sea
  1. Dead Sea
  2. Qumran
  3. Ein Gedi and Ein Gedi Botanical Garden
  4. Evening: Desert amusement
  • Hotel in: Near Dead Sea

Day 10     From Masada via Timna to Eilat – Eilat

Timna National Park
Timna National Park
  1. Masada
  2. Timna Park
  3. Evening: Bowling at Eilat
  • Hotel in: Eilat

Day 11     Paradise near the Red Sea – Eilat

Nightmare Eilat
Nightmare Eilat
  1. Eilat’s Camel Ranch
  2. Dolphin beach
  3. Nightmare Eilat (optional)
  4. Evening: Eilat’s Isrotel Theater
  • Hotel in: Eilat

Day 12     Departure

Ice Space
Ice Space
  1. Ice Space (optional)

Ensuring that your visit is easy, comfortable, and fun!

  1. Welcome & Assist at Ben Gurion Airport
  2. Arrival & Departure Airport Transfers
  3. 12 Days Touring in an Air-Conditioned Coach
  4. All Touring with a Professional Licensed Guide
  5. Tour Hats/Israel Maps/ Bottle Carriers
  6. All Group Touring & Sites

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tour will run with a minimum of 8 participants. In the event that there are no confirmed participants 8 weeks prior to the departure date the tour will be cancelled without notice.


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