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For custom tours, you need to have the following:

  1. An itinerary (those mentioned here one for example). Click here to customize these tours for you)
  2. A guide. You can use the information here instead of renting a guide, but in the end it’s more expensive and a huge hassle.
  3. Transport. Transports can be that you hire a mini-bus with driver, or you rent a car or let your guide do it for you (click here for more info).
  4. Hotels. You can use the info here, or on or generally the Internet or let your guide negotiate the best deals for hotels for you.
  5. Food. You can use the restaurants here in this itinerary or ask the guide.
  6. What you need to supply is
    1. Airplane tickets
    2. Visa and insurance

For costs, questions, queries and other related information, click here.

The listed tours in this page is only a set of samples or templates for you to choose and/or mix with. Using those templates, you can easily create a itinerary, which will suit you, you family and/or group. Ask Wim to help you out.

Tour itineraries already published

  1. Family and Children tour, 12 days
  2. Classical Israeli-Gems Tour, 10 Days
  3. Family and Children tour, 10 days
  4. Orthodox Christian Tour, 10 days
  5. Orthodox Christian Tour, 8 days
  6. Orthodox Christian Tour, 6 days
  7. Orthodox Christian Tour, 4 days
  8. Day tour Jerusalem
  9. Day tour Sea of Galilee
  10. Walking day tour Tel Aviv
  11. Catholic Tour Israel, 7 days
  12. Catholic Tour Israel, 5 days
  13. Catholic Tour Israel, 3 days
  14. Catholic Pilgrimage Tour, 8 days
  15. Day tour Old Tiberias Walking Tour
  16. Day tours Nine Farm Tours for Families
  17. Day tour Old-City Ramparts Walk tour, Jerusalem
  18. Day tour Luzit Caves – Do-it-your-self in caving
  19. Boat tours – Touring in the Red Sea, Sea of Galilee and cruises
  20. Wine Tasting & Israel Adventure Experience
  21. A Holy Land Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of the Virgin Mary
  22. Bus tours
  23. Camel tours
  24. Cave tours
  25. Children tours – Specific tours for your children and teenagers
  26. City tours – More city tours then we already have
  27. Day tours – More day tours in a specific theme
  28. Family tours – More family tours, but in a specific theme
  29. Jeep tours
  30. Catholic tours
  31. Christian tours
  32. Evangelic tours
  33. Orthodox tours
  34. Pilgrimage tours
  35. Wine tours

Tours in the make

  1. Follow the Footsteps of Jesus in Jerusalem
  2. Adventure tours
  3. Music tours
  4. Culture tours
  5. Food and Wine tours
  6. History tours
  7. Church tours

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