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Wim Vincken

I’m specialized in Private and Tailor-made Israel Tours for Groups, Families, Individuals, and Corporate Clients – All Tours May Be Booked As Day Tours From Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa or Anywhere in Israel! Call me +972-52-483-9865 or email me: Contact me

Why using a private tour guide in Israel?

It’s cheaper.
If you think that you can find the cheapest prices for hotels, transport, entry fees and also you know the right places you want to see, because you have an internet connection and find anything you want to see and experience online, then dream on. I know the best places for you, depending on your preferences and requirements. I live here in Israel already for more then 24 years and counting. And I’m doing the private guide tours already for more then 15 years. And I created tours for tourists already for longer then that. Creating tours means at least knowing all the prices and negotiate the best conditions. So, when you arrive here with a book in your hand, and try to figure out the best things to enjoy, this is always more expensive then hire me.
You earn my daily rate back immediately. Contact me

It is about telling the great story behind the sights
Apart from visiting some of the same places, there is no resemblance between a private tour and do-it-your-self or an average group tour. While a group tour can be no more than just seeing a collection of sights, my tour is about telling and developing the amazing story of this country – past and present. When I unfold this complex and interesting story gradually and carefully, you can absorb it easily and enjoy it in such a way that when you depart, you have had the thrilling sensation of experiencing a great journey in time, cultures, religions, views and tastes. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Contact me

It is about understanding your wishes
In your private tour, I adapt the tour exactly to your expectations, needs, wishes and limitations. Before you arrive in Israel, we discuss your requests in detail through phone calls, Skype and emails. We travel according to your interests and pace, with maximum flexibility of the hours and program. Contact me

And how do we follow your wishes?
On this website, you can see hundreds of interesting sights in many different categories; also you will see several itineraries (tours). None of them will be your tour exactly – they are presented here so that you can get a general idea of what I can do. After I get to know you and your expectations, I will be able to design your specific itinerary, discuss it with you and change it until you are satisfied.
As we travel on the tour, we will follow this itinerary but will also keep the option open to change it whenever you feel like doing so. Contact me

Guiding only Guiding and Transportation Consulting


On multiple day tours, where we will be sleeping outside the Tiberias area, the customer is also responsible to pay my lodging and meals.

Guiding only
That means that you hire me only as a guide, but the transportation, lodging and meals is up to you. Call me +972-52-483-9865 or email me: Contact me

My fee is $150 per full day of touring. This means either a walking tour or a tour where you provide transportation. My fee for half day tours is $100. In some cases I need to charge transport money. Go to Top

Guiding and Transportation
I arrange for you myself as the guide and transportation as you require. Call me +972-52-483-9865 or email me:

  1. Guiding, vehicle, driver and fuel for a full day
    – Up to 6 people for up to 10 hours and 200 km is $450.
  2. Guiding, vehicle, driver and fuel for a full day
    – Up to 16 people for up to 10 hours and 200 km is $750.
  3. Guiding, vehicle, driver and fuel for a full day
    – Up to 30 people for up to 10 hours and 200 km is $950.

Keep in mind that there are many guides who both drive and guide at the same time and charge a higher (or similar) rate. Here you are getting a dedicated driver besides me as a guide. This means that I can give you my full attention while the driver gives his full attention to the road! Also there are often sites where the driver will be able to drop us off in one area to walk around and tour and then pick us up in a different area rather than having to walk back to the vehicle. This is by far the best way to tour!
The rate may vary based on the size of vehicle you need as well as the distance to be traveled etc. Once I have the details I can give you an exact quote. On multiple day tours you will have to provide for food and lodging for the driver as well. Go to Top

Consulting only
Consulting such as preparing itineraries, booking hotels, arrange transportation, etc. for days when I will not be guiding you is billed at $40 per hour or a fixed amount at $100. Go to Top. Call me +972-52-483-9865 or email me: Contact me


A 25%, non-refundable deposit must be paid in order to reserve days. This can be paid via Post office (MoneyGram, Western Union, TransferWise or similar) (it’s uncomplicated and quick). Once the days are booked the deposit cannot be refunded in case of cancellation. (You may change the day up to 14 days before the booked day as long as I have your desired day available.) Go to Top. Contact me

Payment of the balance

The balance must be paid at the end of the first day of touring in cash (Shekels, USD or Euro is fine). Go to Top.

Call me +972-52-483-9865 or email me:

Contact me

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