Tower of David

Fortress within the walls of the Old City which is a complex of towers surrounded by a wall and a moat. The archaeological park in the courtyard of the fortress contains ancient remains. The Tower of David museum on the history of Jerusalem operates in the halls of the fortress. A special night show on the story of Jerusalem throughout the generations takes place in the evenings in the courtyard of the museum. Map.

Admission Fees 

Museum Admission The Night Spectacular Two in one*: Museum Admission + The Night Spectacular
Adult 40 NIS 55 NIS 70 NIS
(Israeli Citizenship)
20 NIS 50 NIS 55 NIS
Student 30 NIS 50 NIS 55 NIS
(up to 18)
18 NIS 45 NIS 55 NIS
Disabled 20 NIS 30 NIS 40 NIS
Soldier 15 NIS 30 NIS 40 NIS

* Combination Ticket: A discounted price for a combined ticket to the Night Spectacular and a visit to the Tower of David Museum during the day. The day-time visit can take place any time within a year of the purchase of the ticket. Entrance to the Night Spectacular must be booked in advance through the museum reservation center or at the box office. The Museum is closed to visitors during late afternoon and evening hours and during the showing of the Night Spectacular.

Guided tours of the permanent exhibition I for individuals

Jerusalem through the Ages

  • English: Sundays to Thursdays at 11:00
  • Hebrew: Tuesday at 10:30

Please note: in the event that there is no escort guide, visitors will be given complimentary audio guides.
Tours are not available on holidays and holiday eves.

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