Old City Ramparts Walk

This is a tour, which is offered to you as it is. It’s or it can be used as a template for your own itinerary or planned tour without money. You can chance what you want or you can take it as it is.

The Ramparts walk is a fun way to get an overview of Jerusalem. For a small entrance fee, you can climb the ramparts of the Old City and circle the city from above. Not only to you get to peek in places you’d never see otherwise – like the cloistered Armenian compound – but you also get a stunning view of the areas outside the walls. Map.

Old City Ramparts Walk
Old City Ramparts Walk

The present walls of Jerusalem were built by Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century, when he restored the ancient walls of the city, and they have served as military fortifications ever since. From 1948 to 1967, Jordanian snipers used the ramparts as a vantage point from which to shoot at Israelis living outside the walls. You can still see multiple bullet holes on many of the older buildings facing the Old City.

  • Hours: Sun – Thurs, Sat 9:00 – 16:00; Fri 9:00 – 14:00.
  • Admission: 16 shekel adults, 8 shekels children.


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