Our Lady of the Fright (Mary’s Fear)

This chapel has several names: Mary’s fear, Our Lady of the fright, Notre Dame de l’Effroi. It is called after a tradition that Mary, Mother of Jesus, was standing at this spot when her son was led to the edge of the mountain, about to be thrown away, and was frightened. Its dominant location on the south edge of the city makes it highly visible in parts of the city. Map.

The church was in ruins for many years, until it was recently restored. The ruins of the Church is located on a small hill (360M) north to Mount Precipice, on the south-east side of Nazareth. It is is the middle of a barren hillside, which is hard to reach. There is a steep path up from the old quarry at the foothill, and the prize of the hike is a beautiful panorama of the valley below and the view of the remarkable structure.

An easier access is from the new shopping center on the north side, although there is no official entrance there. We hope the municipality of Nazareth will arrange a more organized path, since this is one of the most charming places in the area. This Franciscan church was built in 1882 on the site of an earlier Crusader monastery. The church was in ruins for many years, but restored in 2009.

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