International Center Mary of Nazareth

Modern multimedia technology portrays the Virgin Mary’s role in salvation history at the Mary of Nazareth International Center, just across the street from the towering basilica that commemorates her agreement to become the mother of the Son of God. Map.

A 55-minute, wide-screen presentation, offered in 10 languages, gives visitors a sweeping perspective of Mary’s place in Scripture. The content is divided into four parts, each viewed in a separate room: from Creation to Mary’s childhood; from the Annunciation to Jesus’ birth; the 30 years in Nazareth and Jesus’ public life; and from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.

The presentation, using still and movie photography, is firmly grounded in Scripture, with no fewer than 224 biblical passages quoted. Other exhibits focus on Mary as a Jewish woman, Mary in the Qur’an (which has more references to her than in the Bible), Mary as a source of Christian unity, and Mary in the tradition of the Eastern Christian churches.

There is also a world map of Marian shrines, and a terraced garden with plants that are mentioned in the Bible. The center, opened in 2011 in a renovated building from the Ottoman era, also contains a significant archaeological discovery — the remains of an ancient house that archaeologists believe is from the Jewish village of Nazareth at the time of Jesus and Mary.

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