Doll Museum

The 1,000 dolls at the Doll Museum take visitors on a Jewish history tour from biblical times through the Holocaust, the founding of Israel, peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, to today – with fairytale characters such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty included in the mix. The museum is located in the Castra shopping mall, which also hosts permanent art exhibitions; the largest tile mural in the world based on biblical themes; and the Castra Museum for archaeology. Map.

  • Telephone: 972-4-697-2041

The museum will be the main site of exhibitions of dolls of all kinds (porcelain, cloth, wood, clay, nylon, steel, etc.) in Israel.  Also, every year there is a yearly doll exhibition in Haifa which takes place for several days which is attended by tens of thousands of people every year.

Private collections and exhibitions currently shown in other places in Israel will be exhibited in this museum. It will include permanent and changing exhibitions. Dolls from early times will be exhibited as well as new works of current artists.

Many of the new immigrants from the former U.S.S.R (mostly women) deal with doll fabrication in Israel. The museum will give a chance to these artists-new immigrants to present their work.   There will also be a sales center in this place of dolls created by the artists, thus serving as a source of income for them.

There will also be workshops for studying doll creation and activation.



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