Beit She’an National Park

A tour of Beit She’an is like a walk through time. Among the residential buildings, modern public buildings, and modern shopping centers are ancient buildings that were once public institutions, archaeological sites and impressive ruins. Beit She’an is one of the most ancient cities in the country. It is a historical gem that unfolds the fascinating story of a rich period full of changes, climaxing in the National Park of Beit She’an to the north of the city. Map.

Main points of interest

  • She’an Nights – a breathtaking audiovisual display taking place after sunset.
  • The entrance plaza – model of the Roman-Byzantine city and view of the site.
  • Roman theater – the spectacular remains and reconstruction of the 2nd century CE theater.
  • Western bathhouse – the ruins of the large bathhouse of Bet She’an, in use during the Byzantine period. The remains of the bathhouse offer an opportunity to get to know this aspect of life at that time.
  • The reconstructed cardo (Palladius Street) – a street paved with basalt stone slabs, approximately 150 m in length. Along the length of the street are the remains of columns and impressive buildings.
  • The Sigma and the Tyche mosaic – a semicircular plaza that was the site of commerce and entertainment. In one of the rooms around the plaza is a mosaic depicting the figure of Tyche, goddess of the city’s fortune.
  • The Roman temple – the ruins of a large temple. The four huge columns of the facade collapsed in the 749 earthquake, and since then have remained lying on the ground as they fell.
  • The propyleum (monumental gateway) – the remains of a gateway with three entrances. Processions would apparently enter through this gateway on their way to the temple that stood atop the tel.
  • The nymphaeum – the remains of a splendid, decorated public fountain.
  • The central monument – the remains of the building that stood at the intersection of the main streets of the city of Bet She’an during the Roman and Byzantine periods.
  • The decumanus (Sylvanus Street) – a basalt-paved street. On either side of the street are the ruins of shops and a large pool.
  • The Basilica (agora) – the remains of the open market of the Byzantine period.
  • Valley street – the street is paved with basalt slabs and leads to the “truncated bridge” extending over Harod Stream.
  • The Truncated Bridge – the remains of an impressive Roman-era bridge that led to the northern gate of Bet She’an during the Byzantine and Roman periods.
  • Tel Bet She’an – the remains of the Biblical tel. From the top of the tel is a spectacular view of Bet She’an and the Valley of Springs (Emek Hama’ayanot).
  • The eastern bathhouse – a large bathhouse that has been partially uncovered, between Sylvanus Street and the theater.
  • Public latrine – a building and colonnaded courtyard. 57 toilet seats are set in the walls of the courtyard.
  • Ritual compound – a religious complex with a temple, altars, and nymphaeum fountain.

How to get here: The national park is in the town of Bet She’an, and there are signs directing visitors to the site at the entrances to town.

  • Bus 412 from Jerusalem to Afula – details from Egged Information
  • Length of visit:  2 – 4 hours
  • Best season: Spring, fall, winter
  • Other attractionsKiosk, souvenir shop, guided tour (by advance arrangement), partial access for people with disabilities,  including support vehicle 

Opening hours

Last entry to the park is one hour before closing time 


  • Sunday – Thursday and Saturday – 8 am – 5 pm
  • Fridays and the eve of holidays – 8 am – 4 pm


  • Sunday – Thursday and Saturday – 8 am – 4 pm
  • Fridays and the eve of holidays – 8 am – 3 pm

On the eve of New Year, the Day of Atonement, and Passover: 8 am – 1 pm

Magical nighttime experience

The “She’an Nights” presentation takes place Monday – Thursday from March 10 – end of October, every half hour from nightfall. Conditional on weather conditions and by advance arrangement.

On other days of the week, tours for groups can be reserved by advance arrangement.

Entrance fee

  • Adult – NIS 29
  • Child – NIS 15 
  • Group (over 30):  Adult – NIS 23, child – NIS 14

Entrance fee for She’an Nights (including tour of site):

  • Adult:  NIS 55
  • Child:  NIS 45
  • Subscriber:  NIS 28
  • Student / regular soldier:  NIS 45


  • Telephone: 04-6587189
  • *3639 She’an Nights – call between 8 am – 4 pm
  • Fax: 04-6581899


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