Underwater Observation Marine Park

Experience sea life underwater without getting wet at the Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat. With the vast coral reef that runs along the Red Sea in Eilat, it is no wonder this is such a popular site. Map.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit the park every year, excited to observe and learn about the marine life just below the surface. Students and researchers also use this park as an informational center and a location to conduct research. There are a variety of different displays within the Underwater Observatory Marine Park to explore during your visit.

Watch turtles and stingrays glide by in their pools or stop by the Rare Fish Aquarium to see an interesting collection of fish and corals. There is also a photography station there called Photo Aquarium.

For an additional fee, visitors can ride Coral 2000, a glass-bottomed boat that sails out of the park and back over the coral reef. The newest addition to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park is Shark’s World. Covering an area of 1000m2, it is the largest shark pool in the Middle East. There are three parts to this complex. Within the first window, visitors will see a pool that has 18 sharks, walruses, sea bats and thousands of fish.

The highlight of the complex is the transparent, 15-meter long tunnel. Get a real up-close look as the sharks and other marine life swim above and by. It is difficult to get any closer to the fish without getting wet.

The last part includes a visitor’s center where visitors can learn more about the marine life that lives in the Red Sea. The Underwater Observatory Marine Park is one of four parks owned by Coral World International. The other parks are located in Perth, Australia; Maui, Hawaii, USA; and Palma de Majorca, Spain.


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