Crocoloco Crocodile Farm

The Crocoloco Crocodile Farm at the Ein Hatzeva Junction in the Arava is a unique desert farm for growing African Nile crocodiles, which combines both agriculture and tourism. The farm was established in 2006, and raises crocodiles which will be exported to Europe. Map.

The farm also serves as one of the region’s central tourist attractions, presently on a small pilot-level scale. When the authorities will finish bringing the necessary infrastructure up to the head of the farm, a large and well-planned tourist attraction will be established.

It is planned to set up a visitors’ center which will include a restaurant, café, information station from which desert tours will depart. There will also be a souvenir shop that will sell both items connected to crocodiles as well as local artwork and products.

The site will serve as the main tourist attraction at the northern entrance to the Central Arava, providing a high-level spot for travelers on the way to Eilat to take a break. When the entire project is finished it will employ 50 workers, most of them local, thereby contributing to the population of the region which suffers from limited employment opportunities aside from agriculture.

  • Address Ir Ovot, Ein Hatzeva, Ha’Arava,
  • Phone 972-8-899-1088,972-52-899-1088
  • Business Hours Sun.- Sat. 08:00-24:00.
  • Ask for Ofer Kubbi
  • Map.

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